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Board » General Discussion » Sailonline Android Client Beta test

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there is a way to get the version 0.45 back?
the 0.49 on my xperia Z

show the perf


so that the text box cover half of the screen :(

--- Zuletzt bearbeitet von Gilles am 2015-06-03 17:57:50 ---
1 - Pointing ability to get info on wind characteristics (TWD/TWS);
2 - Graphical tool for, at least, measure distances from boat and angles.

Thank you Zappe!
Sail Fair.
Just uploaded a new version to the play store:

Added weather update info when logging in to a race and after a weather update.
Added info about the weather, angle and distance to the aim point in steering mode.

If you ever want to install an older version for any reason all versions are available from here:


zappe - absolutely loving the App. Thank you so much for creating it. It save me from extra hours of steaming E in the last Tall Ships race as I could put in an emergency course correction as I woke!!

Is there a way you can include the in-race messages too? perhaps as an option in your drop-down menu? I know they aren't in every race but when they are, it's usually to give useful/good info that folks relying on the App will miss.
Buttons switch suggestion.

Following several catastrophically bad commands with the app my suggestion is to switch the positions of the “CC” button with the “*” one - pls see attached PDF file.

Again, thank you Zappe.
Sail Fair.
Mad CC’s changing during button “*” operation.

Sometime ago during a SPRT race I’ve noticed that during the “*” button operation the sailed CC at the time would change to CC+ 180º.
If you didn’t notice that “subtle” change before making a HDG’s correction on the boat (using for that precise maneuver the mentioned “*” button) you would obtain a dreadful maneuver.

Today, during my first Lisboa TR run I’ve experienced the same problem.
Please see the images mounted on the attached PDF file.
From an initial sailed CC = 98.40º, some seconds after activating the “*” button the CC went to 278.40º without touching anything, namely the screen’s phone.

Sail Fair.
In his race the “graphical” tool is not working properly.
The TWS and TWD are not shown - please see attached picture.
Sail Fair.

In ZigZag race finishline was in wrong place .. and later noticed last WP missing so probably that's why .. lost some places trying to find finish going through it some times, see picture

Hi everyone and sorry for not looking into the forum for some time.

Just found out about the ZigZag race problem. It was caused by "bad/unexpected" data from the server where both the last waypoints had the same ordering number and that caused the app to drop the last one. I will change the app so it can handle simple mistakes like that in the future.

JB: About the switch of the buttons I think it's a good idea so if no one objects I will do that in the next release. About the "graphical tool" not working in the bora bore race. I wasn't in that race so I didn't see it and I have no idea why it happened. I guess I will have to look out for similar problems in the future.

--- Last Edited by zappe at 2015-08-29 20:42:57 ---
Dear Zappe

The problem I reported for the Beru to Bora-Bora race is the same as the one we are having now on Hawai race. Pls login with the app and try to get wind info with the graphical tool.
Sail Fair.

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