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Board » General Discussion » Sailonline Android Client Beta test

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Zappe, one more thing. I did notice a refresh occur, but what is the current refresh rate?

Can it be a setting, like default, or off but with a manual refresh button?

That way we can perhaps refresh less often to save data, or if on wifi we can let it refresh at the default setting.



Odd it says I am Karl, how weird?

--- Last Edited by karl at 2014-11-03 16:12:30 ---
Renegade, I believe that (posting as Karl) happens when you are logged on as guest. Not sure though.
Oh, I did use my alternative browser which I usually use with guest to check other races or as sol. That would explain it.
Someone had accidentally changed the guest forum profile, I have now changed it back..
I have made a small update to the client.

It now shows a trace line for your boat and for boats that you click on.
The text in the polardiagram is bigger.
Added settings to controll how many SOL map tiles are loaded (from a radius of 1 tile to 6 tiles, default 2) and how many map polylines to paint (From 500 - 1500, default 500). I will look into using the different resolution SOL maps in the future but that will probably need a bit of refactoring and take some time.

This new version is 0.31 and is now available in the play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.sailonline.solclient&hl=en) to make it easier to install and update in the future.

Someone asked about the refresh rates in the client. They are as follows:
- Update your boat every 20s
- Update other boats every 60s
- Check for new weather (not downloading weather) every 2min
- Update boat traces every 10min
If you have installed the previous versions manually, the play store nicely offers an upgrade.

Great work zappe!
Hi Zappe,
For the polar with the VMC/VMG headings. For me the text on my Galaxy S4 is really tiny and hard to read. Any way to make it twice as big?
Perhaps overlay the polar directly over our boat marker and centered too instead of in the corner?


Early in this morning I’ve finished the SWR with the SOL App.
I’ve went consistently for the lower end (South) of the finish line and using a fair safety margin to … upps, find out that I had to come back for it - pls have a look on the photo.
Conclusion: the finish line in the App was advanced to the race position.
One of the things the App is a razor is to “cut the corners”.
But, this time something was really wrong.
Sail Fair.
Renegade: I'm not sure what version you are using. I did make the text larger in the 0.32 version that is up on google play. But maybe that is still too small.

JB: Yes I zoomed in on the finish line in the SWR race (It was a long pan to get there, since it hasn't been a good race for me ;) ) and it was a little to the east in the south part and to the west in the north part. Not good at all. It turnes out I was using some old home made calculations for the angle of the finish line that wasn't perfect. So I have changed it to the real rhumbline calculations and it looks better now. Sorry about this. The fix will be in the next version. I will probably make one just for this fix, since it is pretty important.

--- Last Edited by zappe at 2014-11-10 17:29:54 ---
Viva Zappe,

Good morning and thank you for your intervention. What precisely happened was a finish line rotation in the anti-clockwise direction, so the South end of it went to West some distance.
Sail Fair.

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