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Board » General Discussion » Sailonline Android Client Beta test

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Hi Zappe,
I just had a thought for a feature of the Android app.
It is posible to set a specific time for the winds, so when hitting the steering button that brings up the polar vmg/vnc info that it would apply to a future time?

For example set a Wind time like Wind = 18:00, or Wind = race Start, to help with predicting the VMG/VMC and Polar for a race start to help set a DC from the App?

I am hoping that it could be used during a race, but its probably impractical as the boat will move before getting to a future point in the winds, but it still may have some value if you can find winds in the Grib file similar to where you expect to be for a DC.

Anyway, just a thought.

Dear Zappe

Once again the problem I reported for the Beru to Bora-Bora and Hawai races is the same I had now in the Whale race: no Wind info using the “graphical” tool.
Sail Fair.
Dear Zappe,

The hmm's SOLog is crashing when you call it before race start.
Sail Fair.
Dear Zappe,

A new idea: the layline grid.
The attached picture explains it by itself.
Sail Fair.
Dear Zappe and all,

Following previous suggestion I attach a better drawing with the idea.

Be well!
Sail Fair.
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Towards the end of this race (sailing up the fiord), my'hot pink'LAND geographical indicator ceased to appear. (It was still present on the small islands).As with my reception, generally it appears marginally off sinc to the topography, however I appeared to be clearly to be sailing 'free"of land, when in fact I continually ran aground (witnessed by M.M.) Is this problem at Sol's end or mine?
P.s. (rumours of North Korean sub in the area)
Hi Zappe,
Is it possible to add a setting for the predictor lines? the normal 6 hours is great, but can we possibly have a setting that could do 1-4 days in length? Similar to the duration of the isochrones settings from the Wx Inspector?

With the isochrones gone I find it hard to see too far into the future. So am wondering if we can get a setting to increase the predictor to help reveal trouble spots (steering opportunities) coming in the future.

Even 24 hours would be most helpful.


Hi everyone!

OK. So I've not been very active here lately that is mainly since I haven't been racing as much as I used to and therefore I haven't worked much on the app either. Sorry about that.

Anyway there is a new version up now on Play Store 0.52. Not so much have changed visibly but there has been a lot of work migrating the app to the current version of AndroidStudio so I can work on it again.
I have done some minor changes:
The wind arrows change in thickness depending on wind strength.
Sollog page is removed.
Updated permission granting for newer android devices.

Since this is my first build after the migration I hope there will be no issues but you never know. It has been tested on my device with Android 7.0 and one of my older devices with Android 4.4 with no issues.
During Jakob's race, I went aground in 'invisible' land. After some thought, the boat being battered against the rocks, I changed the "map tile radius" to 1 and the "Max map polylines" to 1500.

It was a wild guess, but the coastline appeared again.

I returned the "Max map polylines" to 500, and the coast vanished again.

If my memory is not failing me, Smo also reported that the coastline was missing.

From this experience, I suppose the default settings are not enough to ensure the HIRES map will be fully visible in the Android app, and that users should be aware that they have to adjust the map configurations to avoid the problem.

Thanks for your patience and attention.

Best regards,


PS.: I have the 0.53 version running on a Galaxy S7 with Android 7. The same issue was observed on a Moto Z with Android 7.

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