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Sail Fair.
  • Re: VOR, Vestas incident & report.
    Board » General Discussion
    Dear Rod,


    Yes, very pertinent comments about this topic.

    I quote you: “For others, it is a way of practicing tactics for sailboat racing.
    For many, however, it forms an educational program in reading the weather for the beginning sailor.
    For all of these groups, there is a marked deficiency in the "chart" upon which we sail.”, (sic).

    I can’t agree more with you, long before the released “Vestas” report but, previously to the charts and weather learning & reading there are very basic things we must all learn, understand and comply.

    I’m sure you will.
    discarding ziggy points or not Forum post

    A Big Hug


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    Sail Fair.
  • Re: Discarding ziggy points or… not.
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Championships
    Viva Mladen and all,

    Good afternoon.

    I’ll make an introductory exposition as a simple SOLer.

    One of the BASIC rules for racing in the 40’ Series was/is to use the same boat ONLY TWO TIMES per Quarter, in consecutive races or not.

    This rule was/is well explained in the NOR for every Series race.
    Also during the Series all SOL “departments” in different SOL “media” issued warnings about it: not complying with that rule would mean a DSQ for competitors.

    In spite of all, and if I recall it right, there wasn’t ONE (!) Series race where we didn’t had any DSQs applied from infringements to this rule - I repeat, a BASIC one!

    Seems quite linear till now but, the problems come later.

    Even with just one non-comply case with this rule, there is necessarily need to carry out a race results redress after all competitors cut the FL.

    Those corrections are made by only one person and “by hand”, who takes not only a lot of time to be properly done, patient as also a lot of their personal time, but above all, it isn’t neither reasonable nor bearable on the long run, by any means.

    Before knowing in detail how the procedure for redressing race results was/is made, my recent suggestions to SRC for the 40’ Series were basically:

    1 - No race discards (reasons already explained here in my previous posts);
    2 - Modernize the actual fleet with new boats, faster than the actual used ones (Ker 40, SOTO 40, Class 40), in order to bring,
    3 - more close competition and,
    4 - more Skippers to the Series.

    Afterwards, my thought was very different so my last suggestion to SRC was to change the actual Series format.

    Sad and somehow frustrated to say it, but the actual status is not at all viable and, once more, few of us - the rules non-compliers - condition the vast majority of the remaining SOLers.

    I don’t speak for SRC but probably the 40’ Series will continue in 2018, with a new format using only OD fleets, and for sure to be sailed with more exciting 40’ boats (some of them being prepped in the “SOL yard”).

    SRC will have more flexibility on making the SOL races calendar, something we normally get for acquired but not easy to plan.

    If we are going to use the “normal” process for (the potential future) 40’ Series, all the discussions related with redressing results function of the different boats used, are meaningless.

    Anyhow, I shall analyze your suggestion and will come back with comments to it.
    A final note. Other way to solve the issue in discussion is by means of “TCF” calculated alongside boats “Ratings”.

    A Big Hug to all.

    Sail Fair.
  • Re: VOR, Vestas incident & report.
    Board » General Discussion
    Viva Huib,

    Thank you for the post "weight loss" cure (this long links really tend to escape the screen's right side).

    Sail Fair.
  • VOR, Vestas incident & report.
    Board » General Discussion
    Post annotated by kroppyer-admin :
    (Edited to shorten link)
    Viva all,

    Good morning.

    I strongly recommend all to read this:



    Sail Fair.
  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    Viva Philippe and all,

    Good afternoon.

    Well, the option for choosing “gradient colors” and “TWS” values is more or less obvious.
    With the colors you get an overall quick picture while with the “TWS” values you have more precise data in particular zones, if you need.
    Also, sum up the fact that qT doesn't have a "TWS" graphic label with colours vs. "TWS" values.

    No issues here when I use the GRIB file with less resolution (first picture, Spain 12km WRF WAM 171019-06.grb) with only one with higher resolution (Baleares 4km WRF WAM 171020-00.grb). With two Wind Slots loaded no problems for reading the “TWS” values (pls, see second picture).

    But, when I add a third high resolution GRIB (Almeria 4km WRF WAM 171019-06.grb) in the third Slot, I’ve problems (third picture).

    That seems incompatible with your explanation, Philippe, otherwise the “TWS” values for the Almeria GRIB file (higher resolution) were showed.

    Probably the explanation is other. What do you think?

    Sail Fair.
  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    Viva Andrew and all.

    Good morning.

    I have a similar problema.
    If I load the three GRIB slots with WRF GRIB files, immediately after loading Slot #3, I lose partially the TWS info.

    A Big Hug.
    Sail Fair.
  • Re: Chicago Mackinac
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Race proposals
    Viva all.

    I like this challenge.
    Yes, I do.

    Chapeau, Jan!

    Sail Fair.
  • Re: Start times
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee
    Good morning Mladen and all.

    To my mind the “routing” purposes doesn’t exhausts in the unique, if not ultimate task of establishing “DC’s”.
    Far from it and, even more IRL.

    Not all SOLers (most probably, the majority) wake up in the middle of their “nights”/sleeps for re-routing in function of new WF’s releases. I included.
    Off course, there’s a natural and self-accepted reduction in what concerns the level of competitiveness - for routers and non-ones that sleep.
    Even so, you can still win (some) races.

    Speaking from my own experience.
    In a normal race preps (and when time is available) I’ll make at least #4 routings for each of “my” daytime WF release hours (10:30 hrs and 18:30 hrs, both UTC) to cover aprox. the last 48 hrs pre-race moments.
    For obvious reasons, those routings very rarely define the effective “Start” DC’s to be used.

    One thing, independently of day/night time, is to mobilize yourself two times in a short period of 0,5-1 hr for the task of, routing, and/or define and input DC’s.
    The other, with just one intervention, knowing also you have some “stability” in your choices till the next WF in 5-6 hrs to come.

    Exception made to light Wind race conditions, usually there’s some continuity in what concerns successive WF’s and corresponding routings results, i.e., there aren’t “step jumps” happening on the HDG’s you’ll have to sail. Anyhow, there’s always the TWA option for those situations, which seems to be an extended preference for SOLers, namely for reaching/keeping VMG, Up & Down targets, and also for “Start” purposes when there’s open waters in the course to be sailed.

    Sail Fair.
  • Re: Discarding ziggy points or… not.
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Championships
    Viva Huib,

    Good afternoon.

    Excellent work, Huib!

    Let me see if I understood it well, starting with the generated “population” size for the race results.

    #Races = 10 races / serie x 200 series = 2.000 races.
    #Results = 2.000 races x 200 boats/race or results/race = 400.000 race results.

    Reaching the “results sample” size (#40) I didn’t understood how did you chose it (that precise “sample”). This is important.

    Did you pick #40 results randomly from the overall generated “population” data (race results”)?
    Or, did you just pick the first 40 list results from the population data?

    Some comments now.

    Otherwise clarified for this purpose and, as in RL, a “DNF” can’t be a “good race”, so I’m inclined to think there’s a “cross” probability for having a “bad race”(5% - 10%) and a “DNF” (2% - 8%) simultaneously, as you didn’t mention they are (?) mutually excludable.

    Mind you there’s other trivial situation like “before you were sailing a perfect race till you crashed the boat in the rocks”, or to say: a “bad race” doesn’t necessarily implies a “DNF” while, as above mentioned, the contrary holds true.

    The “Spearman’s” method is very clever. Chapeau Huib!

    About the results.

    I confess I’m puzzled about the results in the lower range of races numbers.
    Concretizing: “Between about 5 and 12 races in a series, one discard gives a better ranking.
    When there are 24 or more races in a series, allowing 3 discards yield better rankings than allowing 2 discards.”.

    Intuitively it is not expectable that, with a small set of races, increasing the number of “discards” also increases the reliability of “grading” the rankings, if you understand me.

    Big Hug
    Sail Fair.
  • 40' Series Championship Q3&Q4 - Galwin to Dublin.
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Races
    Viva all,

    Good morning.

    Two LP systems in the North Atlantic will strongly condition Weather for the next days, namely, around the "Cork" race field - pls see PDF file.

    Made two routings with the today 04:30 hrs UTC WF SOL GRIB and the results are shown on the JPG attached file.

    Even with 72 hrs to go, I think the conclusions in what respects the boat options are stable.

    Anyhow, in the race morning I'll confirm my (not secret anymore) option.

    See you on the water.

    Sail Fair.


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RE-REGISTER HERE to race again after finishing a run
Race #1106
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X-35 OD Particulars
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And remember, once again we'll have to choose the best way to cross the Doldrums
Race #1104
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