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Tasman Double Series 2020 - RESULTS

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Series Leaderboard

The 2020 Tasman Double series was a marvellous opportunity for real sailors unable to get on the water to experience the challenges of racing from Sydney to Tasmania and “ferrying” (also racing) back again! The waters of Australia’s SE Coast can be challenging at the best of times, with the currents and winds channelling through the Bass Strait and mixing with conditions from the Pacific. The race to Tasmania was awesomely fast – probably one of the speediest in Sailonline’s history – while the return trip needed tactics aplenty to produce a top result. Click on the thumbnails of each Leg podium above to read the Results Blogs and reports for each race!

As ever, our congratulations and admiration to those who top our mini-series podium – to win any race in Sailonline is an achievement, but to win a series, however small, is at least doubly so! Well done to all!

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Tasman Double 2020 - Leg 2 - RESULTS

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Gratulacje WRmirekd!!!

Race Leaderboard


After racing from Sydney to Hobart, it was time for Sailonine’s racers to ferry their boats back “home” but, there is never any such thing as ferrying in Sailonline – it is (almost) always a race! The second leg of our Tasman Double mini-series was another excellent race – not quite as speedy as the arrival in Hobart, but positions were fought for as fiercely as ever!

A total of 39 nations were represented in this year’s race and our podium three, from Poland, Brazil and USA are to be congratulated on leading the fleet into Sydney Harbour to complete Sailonline’s first race of 2021!

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2020 SRC Annual Report

2020 has been a challenging year for the World and for those of us seeking relaxation and a challenge by participating in virtual yacht racing, that we pursue for a variety of reasons.

Below SRC gives the result for the 2020 Season Championships. Once again, my thanks are due to Piero/WINSTON_4 for his exemplary work in compiling these results and then in issuing the numerous certificates and managing and posting the associated medals around the world.

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Melbourne to Devonport 2020 - RESULTS

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PARABÉNS NagaJolokia!!!

Race Leaderboard


Sailonline would like to thank ORCV for permission to run a virtual version of the 2020 Melbourne to Devonport “Rudder Cup” – with a long history, as Australia's oldest ocean race and the 5th oldest organised ocean yacht race in the world, it is a prestigious event and an honour for Sailonline to be associated with it. Sailonline’s virtual boats were speedier getting out of Port Phillip Bay than the real fleet – which is understandable when you consider the tricky conditions at the Rip, particularly as winds were more than a little sporting this year - but during the race the speedier members of the real fleet soon began to mix it up with our virtual ones.

More than 150 virtual boats started this exciting race alongside the IRL (In Real Life) fleet. With strong northerlies followed by a front with 30+kn south westerlies, it was a fast race with plenty of excitement at the finish as five boats finished within seconds of each other.

The race leaderboard showed dead equal times for first and second, but in the end it was NagaJolokia who was awarded the win! How close can you get??!

Don't miss Freyja's excellent race report!!

Timelapse by Bimmer

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Current Races:

Boston to Newport TIMED Race 2021
Last raced as part of the 2018 40 footer series, we return to Boston for another race to Newport. However, instead of choosing a boat for a given start time, you get to choose a start time for the given boat choice of the speedy R/P 66! How quickly can you complete this  132nm run? 
RE-REGISTER HERE to race again after finishing a run. 
Race # 1430
INFO by brainaid.de 
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
RACE CLOSE: Sunday, 31 January at 23:00 UTC
Race starts: Jan 18th 12:00 Registration will open soon
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Adriano's Brazil Run 2021
Adriano, who sails the SOLship batatabh, together with all his Brazilian friends bids you welcome to this amazing 300nm race in SOL's Albin 79 along their country's beautiful coastline. The race starts in Guanabara Bay, mistakenly considered a river mouth by its first explorers in January 1502, resulting in the settlement on its shore being named January's River (Rio de Janeiro). After passing Rio's iconic Sugar Loaf, the course takes racers along the north coast of the beautiful Ilha Grande to a turn for home at Ilhabela (another 'beautiful island') and a finish off the famous Copacabana beach!
Race #1416
INFO by brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Race starts: Jan 13th 16:00 Registration Open!
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Foiling Wellington to Ushant 2021
Time to don full weather gear and put the foot down as we race Sailonline's new foiling Imocas over the 11200nm from Wellington NZ to Ushant, France! We will cross two oceans, round Cape Horn, and try to stay on the foils through the notorious highs of the south and north Atlantic Oceans.
Race #1420
INFOby brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYC
Race starts: Jan 03rd 21:00 Registration Closed
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Virtual Cape2Rio Race 2021

Welcome to South Africa and RCYC's classic trans-Atlantic Cape2Rio Race from Cape Town, South Africa, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. First run in 1971 the next race in reality will be in January 2023, but in the meantime you can test yourself on-course in this, the Virtual Cape2Rio Race 2021, which introduces a new 74ft speedster, the stunning C2R74.
PRIZES: SMPFand See Intro Blog
Race #1411
INFO by brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
RACE CLOSE: Wednesday, 20 January at 2300utc
Race starts: Jan 02nd 12:00 Registration Closed
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