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International Paints and PIC Insurance Brokers Auckland to Tauranga Yacht Race 2015

SOL is back in New Zealand again this time to run the 2015 International Yacht Paints and PIC Insurance Brokers Auckland to Tauranga Race (start time 1 April @2100 UTC = 2 April @1000 NZDT). This is the fifth time Sailonline has run this course and the third time to do so in association with the official race.

First run in 1921, this is one of New Zealand's classic races - a brief history of the race is readable here

As ever, SOLers NZL_WairuaExpress and NZL_yachtyakka will be taking part so hopefully we will be able to get updates either directly or via social media!

For this 124nm race, Sailonline will be sailing Young 11s.

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Sydney to Mooloolaba 2015

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Autumn sees the racing circuit on the east coast of Australia look towards the warmer waters of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. The Sydney to Mooloolaba was first run in 1964 as the Sydney to Brisbane and then extended to Mooloolaba in 1973. The race is timed to link in with others starting from Brisbane and heading north along the coast. From 2014, the race has included multihulls, with the standout entry being Sean Langman's ORMA 60 'Team Australia'.

This race was originally announced in the calendar as a buddy-up with the real Sydney to Mooloolaba Race 2015 and the Middle Harbour Yacht Club . Unfortunately, due to a severe fire at the club in January and a consequent drop off in entries, MHYC decided in early March to cancel the race for 2015. The club is also the Sydney Harbour base for the Australian Olympic Sailing Team and first priority must go to them in the lead up to the Olympic Games in Rio next year.

This Sailonline edition of the Sydney to Mooloolaba Race is therefore a reenactment of the 2014 event when multihulls entered for the first time. As a gesture of support to MHYC please join the virtual fleet of ORMA 60s in our race to the warm waters of the Sunshine Coast.

The race record set in 2014 by ORMA 60 "BOQ Team Australia" is 53 hrs 48 mins - the challenge is to beat it

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Iceland TIMED Race 2015 - RESULTS

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Race Leaderboard

Racing anywhere along the shoreline of Iceland is always fun, especially during the winter months when the storms of the N Atlantic come hurtling past. Racing an Orange catamaran must be an amazing experience in reality, but here on Sailonline it is such a performer that it really makes racing a challenge.

This Q1 longer-style Timed race, the third and final race in the Q1 Timed Race Championship gave several good opportunities for all time zones to get a good time, and our podium three won out of two of those optimal start times. Bravo guys!

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Current Races:

2015 International Paints and PIC Insurance Brokers Auckland to Tauranga Race
Thanks to SOLers NZL_yachtyakka and NZL_WairuaExpress, the annual New Zealand classic race from Auckland to Tauranga has become a well-established Autumn (S Hemisphere) tradition where we try to race them, and others, to the finish!
Race #810
Chart from brainaid.de
Young 11 POLAR
WX Updates: 0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYCCH - SUPSOL - SYQ2 - SYC
Race starts: Apr 01st 21:00 Registration Open!

Sydney to Mooloolaba 2015
Make a change from the southern waters of Australia and join the 468 NM migration north to the holiday, surfing and sailing centre of Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.
Race #806
Chartby brainaid.de
60ft Trimaran INFO
WX Updates: 0245 / 0845 / 1445 / 2045
Ranking: SYC
RACE CLOSE:Tuesday, 31 March 2015 at 2000utc
Race starts: Mar 27th 01:00 Registration Closed

SWR2014-2015 Leg 5 - Auckland to Itajaí
Welcome to the fifth of nine legs of the 2014-2015 Sailonline World Race in a 65 foot ocean racer! We sail from Auckland to Itajaí rounding Cape Horn, a leg you can't miss in a round the world race.
Race #804
Chart from brainaid.de
WX Updates: 0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SWR1415-OCQ1-SYC
SOL Classic Client
Race starts: Mar 17th 20:00 Registration Open!

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