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Board » General Discussion » Sailonline Android Client Beta test

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v0.47.1 does NOT solve the problem
v0.47.2 appears to be a WINNER!!!

I gave it only a brief test, but was able to change zoom levels and alter course without any problems in the display.

I tried the five versions from 0.45 to 0.47.2 on my SGS2 with Andriod 4.1.2. I Started the app two times with each version logging into SWR Leg4. It worked with all versions except 0.47 . 0.47 crashed while downloading weather data and/or boat tracks (it's not clear to me which, or even if the different data sets are downloaded synchronously or asynchronously.)

To me it feels like there is a race condition during data download in at least versions 0.45 and 0.47 .

A possibly/probably unrelated problem: When selecting different opponents to show their tracks, the app always crashes after a few different selected boats. It usually happens after 5-10 boats, and I don't believe it has to do with a specific boat. It has never happened on the first selected boat. I guess there is some kind of race condition or memory corruption. I believe boats can have different number of segments in their tracks, could that be a cause of the bug? I think this has been a problem in each version since the feature appeared, for sure in the five versions discussed above.

I should also mention that I haven't had any problems on my Nexus 7 tablet running Android 5.0.2, except for the issue with boat tracks mentioned above. I didn't bother to try the two unofficial version on that device, though.
Thanks javakeda and andebjor for helping me out testing this. I really appreciate that you have taken the time.
I have now made a release candidate 0.48rc that is based on the 0.47.2 version (But has some small tweaks) and is available at the dropbox now. It would be great if you could try it out before I put it on Google Play just to make sure it will work ok.

I will take a look at the problem with showing boat traces for competitors as soon as I find the time (Pretty soon probably).
0.48rc appears to work fine on my SGS2.

The problem with the boat traces isn't a big deal, but I'm sorry I didn't report it earlier.
Tested v0.48rc in the Sanya to Auckland race. Have no problems with purple lines, so that is good.
I was using an LG G pad 8.3 lte -- this is a Verizon flavored device. I am still on Android 4.4.2

Posted in chat, but with some difficulty.
When I hold the tablet in vertical and enter text, it isn't obvious how to make the keyboard go away.
Problem is, the keyboard is covering the "send" button in the chat tab.
The work-around is to rotate the tablet to horizontal. The keyboard goes away and the send button appears.
Don't know how much control you have over the keyboard from your app.
A simple change would be to move the send button to the top of the screen, so it would not be covered by the keyboard.
If you can change the configuration of the keyboard, adding a "send" or "done" key would be another approach.
You are too kind with your thank-yous for any testing I have done.
I am the one to thank you, instead.
Having a "competitive" mobile client is important to me, personally.
It is also important to SOL.
I am only too happy to test your software any time you need me to do so.
We [all of us] owe you big time!

it turns out that making the send button disappear is not that easy to do every time. It has something to do with using voice input. It also appears to have something to do with rotating the tablet. I'll work on this further and see if I can find a pattern.
Version 0.48 is now up on Google play and it is just a namechange to the 0.48rc so it should work on 4.4.2 devices.

I will start looking at the boat trace problem and see if I can do something about the chat post aswell. I also noted on some of your screenshots that the race view gui looked even worse on a bigger screen (The dashboard buttons and labels was all over the place) so I will see if I can fix that too in the next version.
nakedgod pointed out in chat that there were no course boundaries visible in the android client.
New user getting 'failed to login'. Lost a day on the latest VOR leg. Any help?
V4.9 on a new/updated Samsung 5.
I have seen you have found your way to Lisbon.
Did you register your boat to the race with a pc before to login with the app? you cannot register directly with the app (yet).
Good Wind

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