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  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    nevermind I got it figured out!


    --- Last Edited by guest at 2018-03-11 20:56:51 ---
  • Cape town to Lisboa
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee
    Hello there.
    Since i have to choose what ocean race im going to participate in, i wonder...will the Cape to Lisboa leg have all sorts of different marks we have to pass like on the Auckland to cape leg?

    thxs, Dikke

    --- Last Edited by guest at 2017-03-30 05:57:08 ---
  • Re: Sol'd cape to rio
    Board » General Discussion

    --- Last Edited by guest at 2017-12-23 12:59:55 ---
  • Re: “Clause 4” and ISAF rule #69.
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Rules and Decisions
    What, dear SRC, is wrong with a more or less intelligent steering-bot.

    Is it that despicable if I would program my autopilot with

    while twa>42 steer cc ### else steer twa 42

    Or something like
    if time later than 13:40 go online
    while not on lattitude ### stay online
    else steer 270 cc
    go off line

    I would use only data from my own instruments and react only on the changing conditions local to my boat.

    If (you do not want any skipper can use data from another boat) then (make data only available to a logged-in-boat from that very same boat only)

    Lacsareno from <guest> on her way to Rio.
  • guest????????????????
    Board » General Discussion
    I logged in as guest to "RTWR 2016 - Leg 2 - Uruguay to New Zealand".

    Useless.... i tried to set course 270... after 1 second speed went from 13 knots to zero.

    Great welcome for newcomers you give.. not really quite an incentive to create an account!

    guests should be welcomed... not just tolerated!!!!
  • guests not welcome?
    Board » General Discussion
    Just logged in as guest.. is there anything you can do?
    21:15 may 10 2016
    Read an answer below...

    i can draw a line from somewhere to anywhere; can click on a steer and nothing happens.. saw names of ships.. no guest present.. obviously not logged in.. quite boring...

    --- Last Edited by guest at 2016-05-10 17:19:49 ---
  • Re: First 44.7 Polar
    Board » Technical Support
    something like this?

    --- Last Edited by guest at 2016-05-08 06:31:43 ---

    csv removed.

    --- Last Edited by guest at 2016-05-08 13:00:00 ---
  • Re: Comments are closed....... Hosannnah in the highest!?!?!?!
    Board » General Discussion
    "there are certainly many times more forums meant for political and other discussions."

    Indeed so. So why spout forth a false history of my country,Scotland, on a sailing site, and not allow that highly misleading impression to be corrected? I know you've got nothing in the brain but sailing and are largely uninterested in the wider world, but surely even the most obsessed sailor doesn't want to absorb fairy-tale information.....otherwise, in educated company he might appear to be an ill-informed, brainless dummkopf, unwittingly giving offence to Scots.

    "SOL is run with voluntary admins and resources to monitor spamming is limited."

    So my( or anyone else that feels the need)publishing a refutation of this erroneous, half-baked, ill thought-out commentary on Scottish affairs is going to result in a flood of spammers?
    Come on, the notion is utterly non-sensical.What is it about SOL that attracts so many spammers?
    I just don't believe this. This is nothing but an excuse for lazy writing, and the right to propagandise, unchallenged.
    If you can get Scotland so wrong, what else are you getting wrong?

    "since the commenting was disabled this is so far the only time someone has asked about it."

    So? Maybe the others are too frightened or too polite to object?
    I am neither.
    I hope I am not the only one that feels this way.
    Organisations where there is no dissent make me uneasy and have a creepy feel about them.

    "The fact that you have started this thread shows that visitors still have a way to express their opinions."

    A very fair point. I have raised this subject of the Disney approach to Scottish history and politics elsewhere and none of my writings on the subject have been censored or tampered with in any way.
    However, the same jokey goobledegook was churned out yet again, unaltered , this year, so my complaints have so far, not had any effect, hence my continuing objection, as any gentleman would expect, to the promulgation of this false history of my country....and the request for a front page refutation of this ongoing relentless anti- Scottish, English propaganda.

    "you volunteer to offer a solution for comments that doesn't danger the stability of the sailing engine,"

    I have two solutions.
    1) Stick to sailing and don't get involved in politics and commenting on local cultures.
    2) Continue to entertain your sailing clientele by providing some background information for races.....but allow correction of any irritating,inaccurate,false information. That might be of interest to those who take part in SOL that are NOT solely wrapped up in winning races, but have other reasons,as I do, such as archaeology, history, navigation, meteorology, geodesy and metrology.

    No.1) might be the best choice especially for SOL with its limited resources...and especially so for Scotland.
    I get English propaganda flung at me day and night. I don't want to read any more of that drivel on SOL.
  • Re: Objection to the potted history of the Shetlands
    Board » General Discussion
    All very interesting Tyger, but you've ducked away from the central question of the Scottishness, or Vikingness, of the Shetlands, and continued to dabble in a false history of Scotland, cherry picking here, inventing there.
    I don't doubt your Scottish connections, but that does not make you a Scotsman.( that's why I added the loyalty test bit)
    You come over more as a gypsy of the seas.... one minute Scot, next viking ,the next Manxman... a will o' the wisp, of no fixed abode or loyalty....always moving on....preying on the weak and avoiding the strong.
    That's the difference between us. No moving on for me. I stand by Scotland through thick and thin, rejoicing in both the virtues and victories of Scotland's history, but also accepting the vices and defeats, and ignoring references to 'wimpish Picts'.
    'Moving on' is not an option for any that call themselves Scotsmen.....but it is, for Gypsies,travellers or 'pikeys' as they are referred to in England, or 'tinks' in Scotland.

    You mention the Normans, so crucial in the history of the British Isles. They conquered England in 1066, utterly smashing and genociding it, then taxing it to death, the first totalitarian state in Europe...... but what about Scotland?
    No, they didn't conquer Scotland, but a very clever Scottish king realised it wouldn't be long before they tried, so he played a master stroke of strategy. He INVITED Normans into Scotland, to modernise Scottish defences, and act as a bulwark against anticipated English/ Norman invasion. All Normans were granted lands in the BORDERS, a few in the central lowlands, none in the Highlands and Islands. And cutting a long story short, this is one of the principle reasons that Scotland lives on to this day, different from England, with its class system which stems from the Norman conquest.
    Scotland is more egalitarian, with the aristocracy kept in their place, respected, but not feared.....interestingly, more like Scandinavia than England......and those values went later to the USA, and formed the backbone of its fight for independence.

    As for your Scandinavian roots on your father's side...here's something for you to chew on.
    It was the Scots that aided Sweden in her fight for independence from Denmark....and what is more, constituted a third of the Swedish army of Gustave Adolphe in its fight to establish protestantism in North-west Europe, in the gruesome Thirty Years War.
    You can read all about it in Robert Munro's account of the decisive battle of Breitenfeld in 1631.

    With the Scots, Sweden was a force to be reckoned with. When they left, Sweden declined into obscurity.
    It will be the same with England.....and the Scots are leaving....make no mistake about that.
  • Re: Sailonline Android Client Beta test
    Board » General Discussion
    Zappe, one more thing. I did notice a refresh occur, but what is the current refresh rate?

    Can it be a setting, like default, or off but with a manual refresh button?

    That way we can perhaps refresh less often to save data, or if on wifi we can let it refresh at the default setting.



    Odd it says I am Karl, how weird?

    --- Last Edited by karl at 2014-11-03 16:12:30 ---


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Rolex China Sea Race 2018
Welcome to Hong Kong and the 2018 running of the prestigious Rolex China Sea Race - a classic biennial bluewater race of 565nm from Hong Kong across the China Sea to Subic Bay, Philippines.
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For the third time since 2013, Sailonline will be joining with a group of Polish virtual sailors for one leg of their Virtual Cruise around Europe. Our race is 171nm across the wild and potentially stormy Bay of Biscay from San Sebastian to La Rochelle.
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SWR 17/18 Leg 7 - Auckland to Itajai
Fortunately, the SOL fleet did not need to undergo thorough maintenance and related repairs while staying in Auckland. It is already ready and in tip-top shape to sail the longest leg in SWR 17/18 from Auckland to Itajai, at a total of 7.100 NM.
As in leg 3 – Cape Town to Melbourne, the keyword is "The Westerly Stormtrack" and to catch that, the weather will take us deep down south through the "Roaring Forties" and beyond, and then blow us towards Cape Horn.
This time we will not have to care about the Antarctic Ice Exclusion Zone as the southern race boundary is set to 70°S to give us a clear run.
Race #1125
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Race starts: Mar 18th 01:00 Registration Open!

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