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Dear psail/João - THANKYOU! OBRIGADO!

I have in fact completely reinstalled, but as the red line would highlight when my cursor was on it, I figured there had to be a way to delete it!

Your instructions worked perfectly.

There is obviously heaps of functionaly in QtVLM that I know nothing about :-D
If you read this you'll be fully covered Joanne:

QtVLM documentation

having trouble getting my NMEA connected to qtVlm.

brainaid shows my IP as MaxPOG/

I can't figure out how to get it connected. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
nevermind I got it figured out!


--- Last Edited by guest at 2018-03-11 20:56:51 ---
Here is the latest Grib for the Auckland-Itajai race
I've found a repeatable event that causes qt to crash. To reproduce, do the following.
1. Make sure no NMEA connection is possible
2. Click on Start NMEA
3. Whilst qt is trying to connect, click on Start NMEA again before the time out error pops up. This causes the crash.

I presume you are on windows 10. More applications or sub-processes of applications show this crash if you start a second instance before the first has finished.

Only thing I can find on the web is "esent esediskflushconsistency" Only discussions; no remedy.

So a little bit of patience before you click again on <Start NMEA> seems the sensible thing to do.
Question for someone who might know the answer. Say you save a route in QT from a previous WX and routing, and then load an updated WX and do a new routing.

You can then play the new grib forward and check the progress of the boat along both the new route and the old one, and compare progress.

My question is, is the progress of the boat along the old saved route correct and adapted to the new grib, or is it just misleading and not adapted to the new grib?

I presume you are on windows 10. More applications or sub-processes of applications show this crash .....

Not sure who posted this, be good to add who you are.

Yes, I am on Windows 10, and a "bit of patience" is not the issue. I discovered this by accidentally clicking Start NMEA, not deliberately.

The steps I detailed are to allow debugging - reproducible bugs are fixable.

The way I would solve the problem is to disable the icon until it the process is complete so it is not possible to try and start/stop whilst it is starting. That should prevent the crash.

It's still there in 5.8.0.

--- Last Edited by Kipper1258 at 2018-04-16 09:59:54 ---
I tried to run the 5.8.0-64 version on my

openSUSE 42.3 (x86_64)
4.4.120-45-default kernel

and got an

Segmentation fault (core dumped).

5.7.4-64 runs without any problems.

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