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  • Exporting Route to CSV issue when export file exists
    Board » Technical Support
    I have an intermittent issue where exporting a route to CSV fails when the export file already exists. qT ends up deleting the file and not recreating the new one. What I think is going on is that there is a timing issue between the file deletion and file creation routines where the creation happens before the deletion is complete. The net result is that there is no file for qT to write to and the export fails. When this happens, no export file exists. It has just been deleted.

    I cannot find a way to reliable reproduce the error, it is random and probably OS related.

    A suggest fix is when the write error is detected in qT, check to see if the output file exists, and if not, try and create it again. If that succeeds, try and export again. If it fails again, then give up.

  • Re: RIP psail - Joao Malafaia
    Board » General Discussion
    It is with great sadness that I hear this news. May you rest in peace. We will miss you Joao.

  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    Looks like it's working. The link was missing the .exe which I've updated below.



  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    It's really weird. The instance I'm using has two routes in it. I set a grib date based on a route waypoint. The first route was fine, and the other wasn't, then they switched (did not change the date). Then they both fine, now switched back again (after about 2 minutes) and then switches again.
  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    No such problem here, what version are you using on which platform?

    Qt Version 5.8-4
    Windows 10

    It is transient and I think it is related to an NMEA update which appears to fix the logbook. I think it also needs more than one route to reproduce. It will reproduce though by repeating the steps
    1. Set grib date
    2. View route logbook.

    I can get it to reproduce about 50% of the time if NMEA is turned on. It does not reproduce if NMEA is turned off.

    Hope this helps.

  • AWS and AWA goes to zero in route logbook when grib view in the future
    Board » Technical Support
    To reproduce, do the following.
    1. Set grib time to now.
    2. Edit route and check route logbook. AWA and AWS are fine. Close editor.
    3. Select a route waypoint and set grib date, or step forward (I was using 5 min increments)
    3. Edit the route and check route logbook. All AWA's and AWS's are zero

    See screenshots below.

    The zero's then flow into the export.

    --- Last Edited by Kipper1258 at 2018-12-11 11:12:57 ---

    --- Last Edited by Kipper1258 at 2018-12-11 11:16:51 ---
  • DC Checker Release 3.1.3
    Board » Technical Discussion
    Version 3.1.3 is now available which fixes grib extents issue with the X2X race.

    If you have set up AGL correctly in the past according to the install instructions, you should only have to download put AutoGribLoader 3 1 3.jar in the same folder as the old version (e.g. AutoGribLoader 3 1 2.jar), and then download and run AGVersion.bat. This will cause AG.bat to now use the correct version.

    Both these files are in the root of the OneDrive folder link.
  • Work Around for Akand Sea Waypoints not flowing into qtVlm
    Board » Technical Discussion
    The NMEA sentences for waypoints only support the standard ASCII character set, and as a result, qtVlm is ignoring those that do not conform. A work around is to edit the race info xml file. Do the following.
    1. Shut down AGL and qtVlm.
    2. Open auth_raceinfo_1185.xml in the SOLGribxml folder with a text editor.
    3. Look for the waypoint <name> lines with special characters e.g.


    4. Replace the ö with and o e.g,


    5. Repeat for all special characters in waypoint names.

    6. Save the changes
    7. Restart AGL and make sure Monitor Race Messages is not checked (or your changes will be overwritten)
    8. Restart qtVlm and connect.
  • $GPWPL NMEA sentences are ignored if there are special characters in WP name
    Board » Technical Support
    These waypoints are not displayed in qtVlm when these NMEA sentences are sent through.

    $GPWPL,5952.224,N,01905.144,E,Simpnäs Pir*FD

    It appears to be related to the extended character set being used. Remove the ö from the name and it works fine.
  • Re: DC Checker Releases 3.1.2
    Board » Technical Discussion
    In the same place as previous version. This is a patch for the Longship Drake polar.


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