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Board » Technical Support » qTVlm wish list #3.

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(ups... Philippe's email went also on holiday).
Sail Fair.

--- Last Edited by Bimmer at 2016-07-05 15:27:03 ---
Please don't post my email on a public forum...
Sorry maitai. I've deleted it.
Wont happen again :-)

PS. I've sent you an email too!
No problem. Not that my email is such a big secret, but spam-robots are annoying sometimes ;)
About the "jigsaw" routing paths.

When the size of the "jigsaw" is … a whole country length, something is not good, no?

(Pls see attached picture)
Sail Fair.
What does your route details tell you?
Have you done the simplification and optimizing of the route?
Is this pic a mixture of QT and BLUEWATER?

PS: Dont expect an answer from maitai. He's on vacation for the next 2½ weeks. ;.)

--- Last Edited by Bimmer at 2016-07-07 15:29:23 ---
Dear Bimmer

Everybody knows you are, probably, one of the greatest qT users, if not the best.
IMHO it is vital to not overuse the “radio frequency”, especially, for posing questions that can/should be answered by each self, using just for that purpose something that God gave us all: gray matter.
So, I’m going to reply you with another question: what do you think?
(I’m going also to help you with another question and a suggestion: Is it possible after the Simpl./Opt. processes to get any drawing of the Isochrones?
Now the suggestion: read again my qT wish list #3).

Bee well.

--- Last Edited by JB at 2016-07-07 17:59:26 ---
Sail Fair.
Hi JB,
To avoid short jigsaw courses, go into Boat, Boat Setting, set a check-mark in Tacks & Gybes and try and increase the crank setting. It works for me.


--- Last Edited by SKOVSER at 2016-07-09 18:53:34 ---

--- Last Edited by SKOVSER at 2016-07-09 18:54:52 ---
Viva Skovser.

Thank you for your tip and the following came from what i understood from qT talks.

The number of cranks you have, #10, defines the period of time for recovering to full Polar Performance from a downgrade value that you pre-defined as ..."100%".

So, what happens in your rooutings?
You don't get any Polar Performance penalty in any boat manouveur (tack/gybe) because you are using "100%" as the figure for the downgraded Polar Performnce. If you put #10 or #100 cranks is redundant.

Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

If you solved the jigsaw problem I'm curious how you manage it.

Mind you that I'm still using the qT version released before maitai went for holliday. Didn't made any update since then.

Thank you.

--- Last Edited by JB at 2016-07-10 11:13:54 ---

--- Last Edited by JB at 2016-07-10 14:35:18 ---
Sail Fair.

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