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When I try to load this tool, I get:
"ERROR # 2046"
What went wrong?

--- Last Edited by Bimmer at 2015-06-13 12:11:51 ---
This error has popped up a couple of times recently. I don't know of a proper solution yet. Clearing your flash cache (and maybe browser cache) seems to have worked for one person, maybe you could try that.
Tried both-No improvement :-(
I have similar trouble now to this report.


"Error # 2032"


[Not Found]

Also unable to load the game client as well:

"Error # 2046"

[RSL Error 1 of 3]


These are different circumstances than have existed before which I have previously been able to remedy by the usual methods i.e.

Flush browser cache,
delete local Flash Storage,
Uninstall Flash,

My system parameters have not changed

Perhaps Adobe/Macromedia has changed something related to the files that are called by these programs.

I am in dry dock until further notice.

--- Last Edited by A2 at 2015-06-24 10:05:46 ---
None so blind
What browser/OS version are you using? What flash version?

Have you tried other browsers/computers?

I don't know of any solution... The best I can do is try to get as much information about what is happening as possible, that might mean you'll go through some trouble to give me information that might not even help us identify the problem.. but it's all I can do right now:
If you have chrome (or some other chromium-variant) installed, can you send me (you have my e-mail) the HAR file you get when you:
- open a new tab
- start developers tools (menu -> more tools -> dev. tools)
- switch to "network" in you dev. tools window
- attempt to load the race (or wxIns) in your browser tab
- switch to dev. tools (it should show a list of requests now). Right click on the list and choose "save as HAR with content".

I can appreciate your asking for all these particulars & I will do my best to give them to you. First let me emphasize that this is definitively a Flash related problem inasmuch that the necessary files are not available to complete the game client loading properly from the Server. It may be true that I am using a legacy Mac OS & a low level Flash version (10.3.183) but these have always been sufficient in the past. I have been through the drill easily a hundred times or more from when my browser crashed or had power outages or system level maintenance programs cleared out all caches et cetera. This problem does not belong in that category. My Flash is the highest level appropriate for OS X 10.4.11

The reason I posted to this thread instead of the (Flex RSL) is that I have specific information about what is wrong here & likely solving this will lead to a similar solution for the other. I use Safari, Firefox, Omniweb & iCab browsers all of which are current to my system parameters. I have included a screen capture of Safari's "Activity" listing of all the component files that comprise the web page.

The grey progress bar finishes moving from left to right when

http://agage.sol.hmm.iki.fi/WxTool_1.1.swf (269 KB)
http://fpdownload.adobe.com/pub/swz/flex/ (318KB)

have finished and then another file is added but listed as "Not Found"

http://agage.sol.hmm.iki.fi/ framework_4.5.0.20967.swz

This is when the "Error #2032" appears. This is a new wrinkle because previously when the old problem occurred it would just "Stall Out" & not give any indication other than there was no longer any network data incoming. So this is where you should direct you attention. Why is the Server not able to send this file when it is called for ?

In the other circumstance of loading the Game client itself I do not show any files with a Not Found status but I believe that it is also the case of an unavailable resource because another error code appears (Error #2046). This is the fingerprint of this recent development and distinguishes it from these types of problems that have occurred before.
None so blind
In the intial stages of loading any race I noticed the progress stops just when the Flash file
~/static/windy/textLayout_1.1.0.604.swz (153 KB) has completed.

~/static/windy/Windy5.swf (476 KB) is still loading, generally 90%.

RSL error 1 of 3 appears in the progress box & the code "Error 2046" near the bottom.

Whatever is supposed to happen next does not, whether it is linked to or called by that file to continue the sequence, the chain is broken.

Chrome is not supported for my Legacy OS

--- Last Edited by A2 at 2015-07-02 17:00:12 ---
None so blind
I found the Firebug add-on for Firefox 3.6 & then the NetExport extention to go with it.

Here is the HTTP Archive (HAR) file it created for Wx Inspector
None so blind
Here is the HTTP Archive (HAR) file it created for windy/run/848
None so blind
Perhaps a different approach to this problem in order. The Race (beta) Client has worked well for over 3 years on my machine. For whatever reason it does not assemble correctly for me anymore. I do not know if all these necessary components come from SOL itself or some of it is from a 3rd party.

Would it be possible to package All of it together so that it could reside on my hard drive & only need to task SOL for the individual races plus the weather as needed ?
None so blind

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