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  • Re: Trouble opening Sail Online..
    Board » Technical Support
    All Races use this format:


    Only the race # changes which is listed with the brief description located on the right hand side of the Home page.

    Bookmark & adjust as needed.
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  • Re: Trifecta Regatta Format
    Board » Technical Discussion
    The main idea is to have the full event based on total elapsed time but the choice & order of boats for each leg to be determined by the skippers. Every leg would, in all likelihood, have contingents of all 3 boats.

    Sol has had a few occasions in the past where more than one boat type was employed & watching the arcs for each type at the start of these races always fascinated me. The eventual leader would not be an obvious forgone conclusion until all three legs were complete keeping interest high during each leg.

    I also envision being able to give recognition, at least in the blog post that follows the conclusion of the full Regatta, mini podiums for the different boat types leg by leg.

    I was hoping that like the timed race restart registration that a simple logic gate would gray out one of the radio buttons available based on the skipper's previous choices.

    Just to be clear I am not suggesting running the same course 3 times but each leg to be a segment of an established course within the SOL inventory.

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  • Trifecta Regatta Format
    Board » Technical Discussion
    I am posting this topic here to determine if it is possible, within the SOL framework, to have a 3 leg race registration that offers 3 boats for the 1st leg & then only the 2 remaining boats for the 2nd leg & just a single boat choice for the final leg. I have fully developed proposal in mind but it hinges on this sine qua non concept. I am not looking for a discussion on the suitability of this approach at this time but just an assessment of its workability with a minimum of technical resources required to implement it.
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  • Re: Objection to the potted history of the Shetlands
    Board » General Discussion
    I've worn a Kilt before & celebrate Hogmanay does that count ?
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    Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Race Calendar
    Having given this matter some thought, there is another reversible scenario that would take some technical preparation & accommodation by the SOL community to pass muster.

    Brief Description:

    Captured Wx Window (data)

    The Aim of this new format is to provide an enhanced competitive Arena but to compress the time it would require to experience the results. Since these timed events are artificial in nature to begin with, live weather would be replaced with a 28 hour weather sample that would be "book-leafed" & repeated for 3 or more cycles.

    The reason for 28 hours is so wherever the optimum moment would occur that as each cycle advanced it would move forward in real time 8 hours (48+8) so that after 3 cycles the Prime Time would have been made available globally with some equanimity.

    In order for there to be smooth transitions as this cycle repeats it would require some technical legerdemain and if this can implemented by the Engine Room Dudes then this proposal could be presented for consideration as an alternative for future use.

    The 28 hour real weather file would progress normally 24 + 4 & then be followed by the inverted data that is then run back to front 4 + 24 to comprise a 56 hour full cycle that after 3 repetitions would be complete in a single week (168 hours) or 2 weeks if there were 6 cycles.

    The outcome would put the emphasis on sailing technique and allow for progressive adjustments as the fleet fine tunes their strategies. The eventual margins would be miniscule and hyper-competitive.

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  • Re: Paros to Naxos
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Races
    I am in accordance with tailoring the data to yield the most detail with the least overhead. Be advised however that the weather slider in the browser client has a built in setting for 48 hrs that extends past the available format. A minor glitch but for aesthetic purposes perhaps 48 hrs should be the minimum in such cases.

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  • Paros to Naxos
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Races
    The Wx for this race has the shortest time horizon ever (1.5 days) does this indicate a new High resolution model ?
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  • Premature Daylight Savings Time Discrepancy
    Board » Technical Discussion
    For The Record:

    It was noted during the San Sebastian-La Rochelle race that the time as given by the Slider portion of the Client Dashboard was 1 hour in advance of the UTC Box at the bottom of the screen. This affected only USA flagged skippers. I cannot state with certainty what the actual cause is for this anomaly however there appears to be an interaction between Wx info & the local CPU time/date functions. This occurred approximately 6 hours prior to when the clocks in the eastern time zone would have been moved forward for the start of DST but similarly included the west coast time zone as first reported by javakeda which was, in effect, 9 hours from their DST initiation. In trying to investigate the situation by varying the settings of the Time/Date control panel it was not possible to manually enter a value that would fall between 2-3 AM as if this hour is vacant & in order for this absence to cause the error as observed that the time calculation must be counting backwards from some internal reference point.
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  • Re: SYC Ranking System
    Board » Sailonline Yacht Club
    Although not directly related to the previous comments something that I have been giving thought to is the possibility of there being a new category for races held on inland lakes. Obviously this would not affect this Calendar year but perhaps for the future.
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  • San Sebastian-La Rochelle
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Races
    The Calendar & Race description states that this race is 323nm however the the course as it stands now is much shorter, only 171nm.

    Curious considering we have to wait 5 days & then start 2 races only 3 hours apart, n'est pas ?

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Simushir Sprint 2015
Our next sprint is another PYOC affair , this time in the W Pacific as we complete a 35nm trip in our Seacart30s. .
Race #811
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WX Updates: 0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
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Sydney to Mooloolaba 2015
Make a change from the southern waters of Australia and join the 468 NM migration north to the holiday, surfing and sailing centre of Mooloolaba on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.
Race #806
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Race starts: Mar 27th 01:00 Registration Open!

SWR2014-2015 Leg 5 - Auckland to ItajaĆ­
Welcome to the fifth of nine legs of the 2014-2015 Sailonline World Race in a 65 foot ocean racer! We sail from Auckland to ItajaĆ­ rounding Cape Horn, a leg you can't miss in a round the world race.
Race #804
Chart from brainaid.de
WX Updates: 0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SWR1415-OCQ1-SYC
SOL Classic Client
Race starts: Mar 17th 20:00 Registration Open!

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