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  • Re: RSL/FLEX error when loading latest client - post HERE
    Board » Technical Support

    It's just been fixed. Talked to someone in chat, "hmm", who said AAhumm ;)

    Works again :)

    I suppose the puffin proxies run on linux then :)
    Classic usually works, but broke today.

    --- Last Edited by SlashV at 2014-01-23 22:01:01 ---
  • Re: RSL/FLEX error when loading latest client - post HERE
    Board » Technical Support
    OK, classic client now also fails.
    No working client anymore for me. 64 bit Linux firefox. beta=true doesn't help.

    Seems to work in Chrome. Chrome has a built-in flash player version Firefox only has the "standard" linux version So this issue appears to be related to the flash player version.

    --- Last Edited by SlashV at 2014-01-23 18:02:47 ---
  • Re: ???? whats this
    Board » Technical Support
    @Jeroen nope, no show.
    I've looked and saw messages like this on the net going back to 2008. Looks like generic flash on linux fail. So what else is new.
    When does development start on an HTML5 client ? ;)
  • Re: ???? whats this
    Board » Technical Support
    Not sure if I ran the beta client before. I seem to remember seeing it, but that may have been on a different machine. Either way, it was some time ago.
    I cleared flash and browser cache, but it doesn't help. Running flash on linux amd64.
    The classic client does work.
  • Re: ???? whats this
    Board » Technical Support
    I also get RSL errors and error #2046. This http://bit.ly/Vewkx0 post suggests a signing error as well.
    Is this an issue with the new client? How can I use the 'classic' client? Looking forward to starting leg 4 later today. If I can!!!

    ah, found in another post: /?version=classic

    --- Last Edited by Jaap Versteegh at 2013-01-15 11:40:18 ---
  • Re: MOD70 polar development
    Board » General Discussion
    OK, found some time :) and created a script to parse the addviso xml files and 'enrich' the results with data from the grib files.
    I will try to come up with a least squares fit for curves to match the data. Anyone know good basis functions for this?
    I am curious how this will turn out. The data doesn't look particularly 'neat'. I attached some plots.
    @Tarco. I'll have a look at your file as soon as I have some results of my own.
  • Re: MOD70 polar development
    Board » General Discussion
    I've made the following approximation for the krys map:
    lat = -2.855E-7 * x^2 - 0.002296592 * x + 69.251568
    lon = 0.008093847 * y - 150.31126
  • Re: MOD70 polar development
    Board » General Discussion
    Ah thanks, was hoping I could avoid having to figure out the transformation from map coords to lat/lon, but since you did it as well I guess that's the way to go. Will do that then :)

    Thanks as well for your results so far. "Featureless" would not really surprise me for this kind of boat.
    I am not an expert, but the narrow hulls will likely have a boring resistance curve and at the speeds they do, they'll pretty much have just one sail configuration for any true wind angle: close-hauled :D
    ..as well as high lift/drag ratio's -> low angles of attack -> linear performance

    --- Last Edited by Jaap Versteegh at 2012-12-21 19:18:20 ---
  • Re: MOD70 polar development
    Board » General Discussion
    The track logs of the races I found contain position data that is already transformed to the addviso maps, it seems.

    Does anybody know where to find lat,lon positions for the Krys and European tour races?
  • Re: MOD70 polar development
    Board » General Discussion
    I'll have a go at creating the polars as well and maybe we can compare or average later.

    Will probably have some time during christmas :)

    Data and results will go here

    --- Last Edited by Jaap Versteegh at 2012-12-18 23:51:47 ---


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Susan Hood Trophy Race 2022

Lake Ontario Offshore Racing (LOOR) welcomes racers to the second virtual Susan Hood Trophy race. This is a 75nm weekender on western Lake Ontario starting and finishing at the Port Credit Yacht Club (PCYC) via Niagara and Burlington, and is one of two that will count towards special Sailonline's LOOR Series medals. As our Beneteau/First 36.7 managed the course so well last year, we shall race her again!
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Susac X2
Welcome to the beautiful calm waters of the Adriatic Sea for the virtual running of the Susac X2 race which is a real-life race organized by the JK Mornar Sailing Club based in Split, Croatia. Although we, unfortunately, aren’t running this magnificent race with the real fleet this year, we hope to make this possible in the coming editions. This amazing race is a total of 91 nautical miles which consists of rounding the beautiful island of Sušac. Our SOLers will be racing around these amazing waters in none other than our great Seascape 18s. Be sure to bring your binoculars for this one as with such beautiful surroundings you will definitely need them!
Race #1586
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Race starts: May 27th 14:00 Registration Open!

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Vasco da Gama Ocean Race 2022

Point Yacht Club welcomes Sailonline to the 2022 running of the classic Vasco da Gama Ocean Race. This race is the oldest established international sailing event in South Africa and traditionally starts in the bay of Maputo, the old Portuguese colonial capital of Mozambique and finishes in Durban. Last year, and now again this year, the race was/will be from Durban to East London - circa 250nm in native Cape 31 speed machines.
Race #1573
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May 29 at 2300 UTC.
Race starts: May 22nd 08:00 Registration Open!

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San Francisco to New York 2022
Cornelius Vanderbilt, who made his money - that his descendants enjoyed to spend sailing and racing yachts - by recognizing that getting from the East Coast to the West Coast of the USA was best done by rail, would have been more than a little amused to see SOL organizing yacht races over the very route by water he made redundant. It's about 13,000 nautical miles, which compares with less than 3000 statute miles by train! Six years ago, the best SOLers managed to complete the passage from San Francisco to New York in around 36 days, sailing our much-used veteran ocean greyhound, the Super Maxi 100. Time to try again, this time on the VO70. If you aim for a SOG of 18kn, it'll only take you a month.
Race #1567
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Race starts: May 01st 19:00 Registration Closed

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