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Melbourne to Osaka Prelude 2024

2024 Prelude
Race Start: Saturday 20 April 2024 at 0000 UTC
(1000 AEST Melbourne time).

Sailonline.org is pleased to once again team up with the organising authority of the Melbourne Osaka Cup Double-Handed Yacht Race 2025 to introduce a 2024 'Prelude' of the real race. With Sailonline's almost real time weather downloads from NOAA, this is intended to give prospective entrants in the real race next year a great opportunity to test their weather navigation skills. The 'Prelude' is timed to run at a similar time of the year as the real race so weather patterns may be similar.

The Melbourne to Osaka Yacht Race is a 5,500 nautical mile 2 handed yacht race - one of the longest two handed yacht races in the world and the only one running from the southern hemisphere to the northern hemisphere. It encounters multiple weather systems and seasons as it crosses the Pacific ocean. The course takes the competitors into Bass Strait, up the east coast of Australia into the southeast tradewinds then through the ITCZ (Inter Tropical Convergence Zone – the Pacific Ocean Doldrums) on the equator. It then heads into the northeast tradewinds to the finish in the port of Osaka.

The race, first held in 1987 to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the opening of the Port of Osaka, is held approx. every four years to celebrate the City of Melbourne and the City of Osaka sister city relationship.

The 2025 event coincides with major events in both Melbourne and Osaka. 2025 will be the centenary of the visit of the US Navy’s Pacific Fleet to Melbourne in 1925 and it is anticipated that a substantial fleet will return to acknowledge the continuing close ties between Australia and the USA. The fleet may be in Port Phillip at the time of the Melbourne Osaka Cup start, so you never know who or what vessel may turn up to be the start boat. Also in 2025, the eyes of the world will be on Osaka as Melbourne’s sister city hosts World Expo 2025. The Expo 2025 site will be on Yumashima Island in Osaka Bay adjacent to the Osaka Hokko Yacht Club and the finish line will be nearby,

The Melbourne Osaka Double Handed Yacht Race Ltd, is the Organising Authority for the event, with the co-operation of the:

Ocean Racing Club of Victoria – on-water race management

Sandringham Yacht Club – host Club in Melbourne

Osaka Hokko Yacht Club – host Club in Osaka.

For the virtual M2O Prelude, Sailonline will be using the polar of a Beneteau First 40 yacht, a popular design sailed in waters all over the world. This virtual design has been chosen as it is representative of the majority of the yachts entered so far.

The Sailonline race opens for registration and practice on Saturday, 13 April 2024 at 0000 UTC (1000 AEST) to enable everyone, especially newcomers, to learn the ropes in time for the start.

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California Race Week 2024

Sailonline is delighted to announce that we will again be partnering with the Encinal, St Francis, Monterey Peninsula , Santa Barbara and San Diego yacht clubs, and this year online-host two of their prestigious California Offshore Race Week, the CA 500 and the SoCal 300.

The CA 500 was a special addition to the Race Week’s calendar last year and stands apart from the other races of the week and was contested by the very fastest and largest maxi trimarans, racing from San Francisco to San Diego. This year, however, it is not on the IRL (in-real-life) calendar; nevertheless online we plan to race it again departing from the St Francis Yacht Club line on May 24 at 17:40 UTC.

The SoCal 300 is the third and final race for the California Race Week Overall title and has been very popular with SOLers (Sailonline sailors) for many years now. IRL and on SOL then the race, as always following a slalom course from Santa Barbara to San Diego, will start this year on May 30 at 13:00 UTC.

Sailonline plans to bring on-screen the tracks of the real SoCal 300 fleet so that we can see how competitive our virtual yachts will be versus the IRL fleet.

Both races will open for pre-race practice early, approximately a week before their respective starts.

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San Juan Islands TIMED Race - RESULTS

click on results image to see larger


Race Leaderboard


So, after a glitchy start that saw some of the first few boats sailing on land, the glitch was quickly fixed and racing resumed. Winds during the first week were light and runs not the fastest. With just two days remaining, conditions on Thursday, March 28th enabled the fastest runs. Pit8008 turned in the fastest time of 8 hours and 7 seconds followed closely by Sax747 only 14 seconds behind. The 3rd podium position went to Siaki who is relatively new to SOL but has already notched a 2nd podium in only 12 races. Very impressive!

In all 71 boats completed at least one circuit, 12 of which finished in under 9 hours.

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San Diego to Puerto Vallarta 2024 - RESULTS

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Race Leaderboard


This year's edition of the San Diego to Puerto Vallarta race, in partnership with the San Diego Yacht Club, was nothing short of spectacular, whisking our SOLers on a 1000-nautical mile adventure like no other. They navigated the stunning yet demanding Mexican Riviera, where the unpredictable weather turned strategy into a high-stakes game of chess on the open sea.

Our SOLers, at the helm of their Santa Cruz 70s, faced a fiercely competitive field where every decision could lead to triumph or defeat. The race was a nail-biter, with positions constantly changing and no room for error.

As the leaders emerged over the horizon of Puerto Vallarta, it was ita10267 from Italy who broke through to claim victory, a testament to skill, determination, and perhaps a touch of daring. Close on their heels, TarassBoulba from France secured a hard-fought second place, with Poland's WRmirekd showcasing formidable skill to round off the podium.

Our heartfelt thanks go to the San Diego Yacht Club for another exceptional partnership. This collaboration has been pivotal in creating a race that will linger long in our memories, sparking anticipation for what future adventures lie ahead. Here's to setting our sights on the horizon, where the wind will take us next!

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Current Races:

Melbourne to Osaka Prelude 2024

Welcome once again to what these days is Sailonline’s almost annual virtual Melbourne to Osaka Yacht Race. In real life, this double-handed 5500 nm race between these two sister cities, one deep in the southern hemisphere, the other high in the northern hemisphere, is run every four to five years, and is planned to be held again in 2025, so this race is a Prelude in partnership with the Melbourne Osaka Cup 2025 organising committee collaborating with the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria (ORCV), and the Sandringham (SYC) and Osaka Hokko (OHYC) yacht clubs. On this occasion, we’ll be racing the well-known First 40, a popular size of boat for a long-distance double-handed race. With the doldrums unavoidably lying across the track, you can expect to be at virtual sea for at least a month!
Race #1669
INFO by brainaid.de
First 40 Particulars
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYC
Race starts: Apr 20th 00:00 Registration Open!
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St Nazaire Chasse TIMED Race 2024

Welcome to a "chasse" (hunt) from St. Nazaire to La Baule on the west coast of France! This race was designed by SOLer FR_flouflou in 2010. The KER 40 was introduced to SOL in 2016 by SOLer psail, and the Sol-KER was a welcome addition to SOL’s fleet of 40- footers, as it was to the IRL Ker fleet of eponymous - like KERonimo, KukuKERchu and Ice BreaKER. This is a TIMEDrace, so you may RE-REGISTER HERE to try again, after finishing a run. You will have 13 days and 11 hours to show your skill and decision making after the race opens.
Race #1797
INFOby brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
RACE CLOSE: Saturday,
27 April at 23:00 UTC
Race starts: Apr 14th 12:00 Registration will open soon
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The Beagle in the Straits of Magellan 2024

Both before and after visiting the Falkland Islands, the Beagle extensively explored the south eastern coast of South America, hither and thither, from north of the Rio Plate to the tip of Tierra del Fuego, but it was not till the end of June 1834 that the ship made it into the Pacific Ocean, transiting via the Straits of Magellan. Online in 2024, the choice is yours - passage the strait or round the cape; 400nm or more in your Class B Tall Ship.
Race #1753
INFOby brainaid.de
WX Updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SVF - SYC
Race starts: Apr 09th 13:00 Registration Open!
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Cape Town to Auckland 2024

Welcome to the second leg of this Round The World series 2024. It's also the April edition of this year's ocean race championship. The course is the same as the one sailed in 2023, but this year we sail the iconic Swan 65, as suggested in the concluding RTW race last year.
Prepare yourselves for an epic 30-day journey, navigating through the unpredictable waters of the South Seas. It's essential to take care of provisioning to ensure a smooth and enjoyable race experience. With the longer duration, we anticipate plenty of opportunities for camaraderie, competition, and unforgettable memories.
Race# 1789
INFO from brainaid.de
WX updates:
0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: OCQ2 - RTW - OCCH - SUPSOL - SYC
Race starts: Apr 01st 11:00 Registration Closed
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