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  • Re: Public testing new HTML5 client
    Board » General Discussion
    Stable version of the client was updated yesterday (2020-06-29). Long list of changes (new lines added here and there to make it easier to read):

    - Day/Night mode, see Settings if you don't like the defaults.
    - Automatic contrast correction for fleet boat colors.

    - Complete overhaul on network logic to allow client side retries. While the default timeouts are quite lax, please let the us know if you encounter challenges in starting up the client.
    - Clock offset correction at the start of the client. Stable offset should no longer cause problems to the client. If clock is changed (jumped a lot) by something after the start of the client, client reload may still be necessary to recalculate the correction.

    - Predictor takes the current performance into account. Other improvements to predictor accuracy with more accurate starting point.
    - Improvements to predictor and DC dot consistency during the towback period.
    If you depended on predictor during towback, the time markers are now different from the previous to match the DC delays that must be used.

    - Land polygons participate in the zoom in/out effects.
    - Boat type related layouting improvements.
    - Boat type based boat lists have been added (only available in multiclass events).
    - Setting for default weather step added.

    - Support for polar curves >30kn if different from the others.
    - Polar curve drawing order derived from the difference to the current TWS.
    - Polar curve modes added (low TWS, <=30kn, default).

    - New chat messages alert triangle added.
    - Boat keys can be added to map (with the same max limit as in legend bottom left corner). These are known to suffer from small visual glitches that are hard to fix.

    - VPP polar link added.
    - Quick help added.
    - VMC added to steer tool info box (when VMC instrument is enabled).

    - WX slider tics added (black = absolute hours, red = WX updates, wide green band = race start time).
    - Improvements to the initial zoom in, zooms to the "remaining" race course.
    - Allow disabling initial zoom (to workaround missing marks issue with Chrome).
    - Clicking a boat name on chat or on boat legend highlights the boat.

    - Ability to degrade into chatless contingency mode if chat messages cause problems to the core functionality of the client. Once the problem is resolved, the client automatically leaves the chatless mode.
    - Automatic reauthentication support added (needed when the IP network changes).

    Please let me know if encounter some problems with it. If the updated versions fails to work for you, the old version is accessable by appending ?version=old to the URL and reloading the client.


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  • Re: Public testing new HTML5 client
    Board » General Discussion
    It would be tricky to realize 1) because the WX has not yet been loaded when the initial zooming takes place so no idea how far the predictor will go. I guess it could be possible to find out polar max speed and use that as a rough guide. However, there's small improvement to this in the dev version as it zoom to the remaining course rather than entire race but of course it won't help when still near the start in a long race.

    Can't you zoom using other means than with + button which is kind of slow?

    2) I can consider adding it but I need to find some place for that show/hide thing (the most obvious place is taken in the dev version for selecting the polar curve mode). ...And the next thing people will tell is that they want to see the both polar and DCs at the same time :-). It would make the steering tab quite crowded.

  • Re: "newby" doing Newport Bermuda Race - Expedition & Wx advice
    Board » Technical Support
    Minor correction to what Dingo said. Current GFS grid can go down to 0.5x0.5, not below that despite NOAA providing also 0.25 GFS. This may change in the future though. In some races, the weather data size is reduced by using larger wx grid cells such as 1x1 or even beyond that in some long ocean races.

  • Re: Weather Gribs
    Board » General Discussion
    Please check this site:


    Status at 07:05 UTC tells that GFS 06 UTC is only in "SCHEDULED" state.

  • Re: "newby" doing Newport Bermuda Race - Expedition & Wx advice
    Board » Technical Support
    1) SOL doesn't model any currents.
    2, 3 & 4) The html5 client will show this info under misc tab (the update times are also available in the race listing on the homepage). When WX update times are from the 04:30, ... series, the wx source is GFS (in some races indirectly as high-res WRF WX may be in use but not relevant for this particular race). 02:45, ... series indicates NAM WX is used. From my experience, GFS WX datafile in SOL usually updates around xx:10-xx:25 (so slightly before the announced time) and is only rarely late.
    5) Two places I know of. One is Java program known as AGL (Auto Grib Loaded, it's also known as "DC checker" which tends to be easier for finding it with web search). AGL will automatically download the gribs for you. In addition, AGL can plot the course considering all DCs you've set. The other way to get gribs is brainaid, you can find a link to that from the links section. Using "normal" NOAA gribs directly does not match to SOL WX for the first two weather data frames (around 1.5h differs per wx update period).

  • Re: Public testing new HTML5 client
    Board » General Discussion
    freudenoli said:
    also, the polar graph is not really helpful as it is, at least for lower windspeeds you cant see anything...
    Have you perhaps tried the dev version? Append ?version=dev to the race URL and reload the client. There's an improvement to this so you can see 1-6kn polar much better than previously. Currently there are like 150+ changes pending in the dev version so perhaps there's something else too which you might find nice/useful/etc.

  • van isle 04/02@1617 grib
    Board » Technical Support
    Attached a grib that works for me. DL around 17:20 from brainaid.
  • Re: Public testing new HTML5 client
    Board » General Discussion
    Settings are saved by the client. But there are caveats.

    If your browser (in the name of privacy) clears the local storage there's little the client can do to preserve them.

    In addition, if you use race1.sailonline.org, race2.sailonline.org, etc. style URLs for multiracing, the settings will be saved per URL rather than shared.

  • Re: qtVlm thread
    Board » Technical Support
    Dingo said:
    Hi there. Trying to do the whole routing thing only on an ipad. I'm almost there but it's so long since I've done this I've forgotten one thing. Can someone fill me in please...is Andrew's (kipper's) programme the only place to source the race marks file (gpx file)? Thanks.
    The gpx download feature has been added to the new client, it's currently available only in ?version=dev (in the list under the misc tab).
  • Re: Enabling Flash player on an Android tablet
    Board » Technical Support

    Can you please try ?version=dev. ...Go into Setting, enabled "Show diagnostics" and "Extra diagnostics".

    Then open up diag tab and double click to center map. The diagnostics printouts should now have a few lines with "uimode:" in them (you might have to scroll to the end unless you've just started the client). I'd be interested know the uimode event sequence you see there.

    You can repeat the same for the course choice (assuming it you refer to steer tool rather than the set boat course button which would is unrelated to uimodes).



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The third leg of Sailonline's Round the World Race 2020 sees the fleet navigating its way from Orakei, Auckland, New Zealand, across the Pacific and up the South Atlantic to Punta del Este, Uruguay
For your transit from ocean-to-ocean you may leave Tierra del Fuego to port or to starboard, as you please.
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