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An idea to revitalise the SYC rankings:
We could have a different weighting for different types of races. initially this could simply be to weight the ocean races moee than the short weekend races. this could easily be done by multiplying a short race by 2. ie the best result would be 2 points compared to 1 for an ocean race.
to expand this if it is popular would be to have an annual series of races that are more important than any others. eg the current a3 series or the swr series over the last year. a second and third rank of races types could follow. this might add interest to the top races whilst the keenest would stil have lots of races to chose from.
i've noticed recently that i have been as high as 2 in the rankings. however i think there are many more that are better but have raced much recently.
this post is to generate some comment so please respond!

--- Last Edited by NZL Scotsman at 2012-10-02 04:37:33 ---
Pardon me for chiming in, as I am an unranked participant, but since the basic information is all cross referenced anyway I think it would add interest if there was an alternative listing to show ranking by boat type of those which are raced often enough to make a comparison

The Top skippers would be expected to do well regardless but it could heighten the competition in order to protect their standing along these lines.
None so blind
Hello! Are AL53 ... I joined this company of sailing alone 100 days and not being very experienced struggle to drop below 49 ° to my position in the overall standings! My request is if you could integrate a ranking for countries and members for each country (example: ranking sailsimulator Stentec). I think there would be a healthy spirit of unity 'and emulation among colleagues flag!!
Alberto M.
I agree in general with a record of "finishing order" in all of the races. including the so-called 'Practice races', which are really two hour around-the-buoys' races. Any serious SOLer who enters most of the races wants to see a tabular record of performance to determine if he/she is improving--or not. I make the same argument to my radio-sailing group, that unless the results are routinely recorded and displayed, you tend to get careless and sloppy, both in your mental concentration, and in the general obedience to the rules. We do not have to obey any of the "Racing Rules of Sailing" here in SOL, but we do in radio-sailing, and a permanent display of all results of all participants is one way of improving the general performance of all participants. I am not a member of the Sailonline Yacht Club, probably because I wish to see a more complete yacht racing simulation developed. With all due respect to SOL, this program is basically "sailing to the weather reports using a polar diagram". There really is more to sailing than this.
I use a sailing program called "Virtual Sailor 7" which includes the boat and the waves and the land and the harbours, as well as GPS, Radar, the stars and the moon in correct positions and phases. Boats can collide, and even sink if you wish. It does not include the NOAA weather, however, and the computer controlled boats do not follow a good polar. It has very limited ability to carry races, with a maximum of twenty boats, which I have not been able to test so far as I haven't found anyone who wishes to race with me.
It does however indicate that more can be done. May I add that everything of the Virtual Sailor program is carried in my own computer--even the participation of others in a race would be carried in MY computer if I am the "host"--they would see my screen----if I join 'their' race, I would see 'their' screen. Part of the VS7 program includes Cargo Vessels, motor cruisers, tugboats, mini-submarines, torpedoes, rockets, machine guns, rain, snow, thunder and lightning, seagulls, dolphins, fishes, joggers running on the jetties, and you can leave your boat tied up in the harbour and move around in the ports of Rhodes and Athens, and look at the buildings. I can also turn off the auto-sail and auto-pilot actions and sail with my 'mouse-hand' on the wheel, adjusting the set of my sails by turning the winches by 'hand'.
Do not view this as a criticism of SOL, but rather as an encouragement to the originators to upgrade to a more "complete" sailboat racing program
If it breaks, it's not strong enough--if it doesn't, it's too heavy.
The most recent version of national rankings are here:
Maybe a bit out of date, but the loss of Aaron has put the development of these ideas on hold.
Further to my suggestion a few months ago, I've worked out some potential points for a ranking system. This is for the first 6 months of 2012 and includes 41 races. I think a whole year of results would be better, but I've not processed all the results yet.

The best 10 results of the 41 races are taken. If we extend to a year then perhaps 20 best results would be better. We raced about 88 races last year.

The system is based on the finishing position, similar to the existing ranking. However, the longer races are worth more and the timed races less. I used a factor of 0.5 for timed races, 1 for weekend (winner < 60 hours), 2 for week (<120 hours) and 5 for ocean.

The points for each race is calculated as the factor * 1000 / finish position.

Therefore, 5000 is the best, ie winning an ocean race. It would be easy to add in other factors such as a bonus for winning a series, but I've not done this yet.
Based on this system, here are some examples:

Total = 11250

NZL Scotsman
Total = 7040

Total = 9974

Total = 12599

Total = 2527

Total = 786
I do not wish to be considered to be "trivial" in this matter, BUT:-
The only benefit of a ranking system is in conjunction with a handicapping system.
The end result of a "perfect" handicapping system is that all boats (and sailors) finish at an (adjusted) same instant!
Of what value is that?
If it breaks, it's not strong enough--if it doesn't, it's too heavy.
We may be talking about different things. I consider your last post to relate to a handicap system. We were looking at this earlier last year but didn't quite get it up and running. The idea behind that was to give SOLers a way to track their improvement and the potential for a winner on handicap (ie the best performer compared to their history). This would give those who might normally finish mid fleet a way of winning a race.
This thread relates to the ranking, which you see on the right hand side of the home page. One comment on the current system is that it is too simply, as ocean races are the same as short weekend races and timed races. Therefore, it does not really reflect a true ranking of SOL ability. My suggestion was a way to improve this.
Regards, Kevin
One simple way to put a higher weight on some races compared to others (in this case more popular races) would be to reverse the scoring system:

Let's assume we have N participants in a race. Then the winner would get N points, 2nd would get N-1 and so on until the last gets one point.

If you want to consider more "fair" and "sophisticated" ranking systems, check out the one used by ATP: http://www.atpworldtour.com/Rankings/Rankings-FAQ.aspx
My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I'm right.

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