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Somewhere, somehow, I heared that in some race in I think NZ/Aus there is a trophy for the boat that finishes just 1 place before last?


Hi! At some class championships I have seen the last place boat to do the full series go home with a brand new suite of sails. Boats like catamarans and small monohull (think Moore or Antrims).



Shaking his head like a fool, the monkey realizes he can't swim.
Readings, notes, references, rules #2b, #6b, #8 : added. :-)

Status of G-Rogue still under discussion.... ;-D

--- Dernière modification par Tarco le 2013-12-05 23:44:21 ---
I have the honour to address Your Lordship upon a matter of some importance, regarding the esoteric subject of etymology. The award of a rank in the Garbage Scow hierarchy is not a matter of lowly commerce and money-grubbing, but is an achievement, a matter of merit, not to be purchased but to be earned. It is indeed "a Pearl Beyond Price".
I would therefore beg of Your Lordship a small correction in the terminology associated with this most esteemed award, that it be referred to in all the attached (and considerable) verbiage as a PRIZE, not a 'Price'.
Signed by Your Most Obedient Servant,
Warrant Officer and Retired Sublieutenant,
Late of Her Majesty's Royal Canadian Navy Reserve.
If it breaks, it's not strong enough--if it doesn't, it's too heavy.
In rule 8, could it be G-Rogue?
I.E. Going Rogue.

Instead of G-Renegade, since we have a boat of that name. ;)

--- Last Edited by sol at 2013-12-04 00:54:59 ---
Rod sure can talk fancy

--- Last Edited by A2R at 2013-12-05 22:15:17 ---
None so blind
In Rule#8, "G-Rogue" it is… :-)

G-Scow is now a prize with no price…. ;-)

--- Dernière modification par Tarco le 2013-12-06 00:07:16 ---

--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2014-08-19 19:13:04 ---

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