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Very preliminary handicaps for leg 3:

AL	1.000
AS	0.861
B	0.791
C	0.808
D	0.937

Note that the format has been changed (corrected?) to IRL time-on-time convention, so you now multiply your time by your TCF to get corrected.
Webcameras from Stavanger > Vagen i Stavanger

and > Strandkaien og Skagenkaien

edited to convert urls to links

--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2011-07-27 11:37:28 ---
I don't think Stavanger was expecting THIS many ......

Leg 4 needs a better and more realistic starting position. Please move it up north a bit into the fjord at least.
The server might get overloaded by all the tacking commands being sent.

Cheers, Pierre

Edit: RC promised a change once the official (real) starting point is known

--- Last Edited by Pierre at 2011-07-29 06:32:47 ---
To day!
TCF (31/07 - 10:30)
AL 1.000
AS 0.820
B 0.815
C 0.947
D 0.950
(Open60 2.208 :-)
Halmstad Finish.
IMHO, I think this is too far out to sea.
It is 15nm offshore and 30nm from Halmstad.

At this distance, nobody on the sea shore can see the hulls, possibly only the topsails and royals on the takkest square riggers.

Unless this is the IRL actual finish, then this finish for SoL is to far away,

In Sol all yachts can and do stop instantly on the finish line, with no real risk of running ashore.
If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
The tracker (now) has them finishing 10nm NE of Skagen. None of that tricky upwind business. The racing is a bit of a distraction from the port arrivals and shore party maybe :)
Ahhhhhh!! I see 76T. I now can understand how all of them are now making "circles in the Oceans".

My comment was really abut the draft race vs the race we have now.
Finishing 30nm from the port is a long way out, IMHO. Could even be a full days sail in these conditions.

--- Last Edited by NZL_PaulR at 2011-08-02 02:52:58 ---
If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
--- Last Edited by 76Trombones at 2011-08-02 02:55:36 ---

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