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Barcelona World Race
By StuArt
963 7 At 2010-11-22 13:41:37
By Schakel
Thread was moved: Barentsz Practice Racing into Practice Racing.
Thread was moved: Practice Race November Scurry into Practice Racing.
Thread was moved: BALTIC BLITZ 2 PRACTICE RACE into Practice Racing.
Ron Cazar
By A2
833 5 At 2010-11-09 11:40:13
By K3 (Bernd)
Tyrrhenian Tour
By K3 (Bernd)
768 3 At 2010-10-25 11:07:30
By K3 (Bernd)
Thread was moved: Tyrrhenian Tour - Practice Racing into Practice Racing.
Thread was moved: Boston-Newport - Practice Racer Group Activities into Practice Racing.
Boston-Newport Encore
By HappyHour
1128 6 At 2010-10-23 22:40:27
By RainbowChaser
Thread was moved: Russel Runt 2010 - Practice Race One into Practice Racing.
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2015 International Paints and PIC Insurance Brokers Auckland to Tauranga Race
Thanks to SOLers NZL_yachtyakka and NZL_WairuaExpress, the annual New Zealand classic race from Auckland to Tauranga has become a well-established Autumn (S Hemisphere) tradition where we try to race them, and others, to the finish!
Race #810
Chart from brainaid.de
Young 11 POLAR
WX Updates: 0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SYCCH - SUPSOL - SYQ2 - SYC
Race starts: Apr 01st 21:00 Registration Open!

SWR2014-2015 Leg 5 - Auckland to ItajaĆ­
Welcome to the fifth of nine legs of the 2014-2015 Sailonline World Race in a 65 foot ocean racer! We sail from Auckland to ItajaĆ­ rounding Cape Horn, a leg you can't miss in a round the world race.
Race #804
Chart from brainaid.de
WX Updates: 0430 / 1030 / 1630 / 2230
Ranking: SWR1415-OCQ1-SYC
SOL Classic Client
Race starts: Mar 17th 20:00 Registration Open!

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