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Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Race proposals » Aaron Gage Round Australia.

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People on SOL are talking about a circumnavigation of OZ in memory of AGage . this is a great idea ,perfect to remember Aaron...
Gunboat 90 otherwise 13,900nm might take a while!! :-D
It has my vote... Under 1 condition. We absolutely have to relate fond tales and experiences of SOL where Aaron was involved in chat... Like bloopers, errors etc where our faces were rubbed in it... That sort of stuff... Or even stuff that we learned because of him

Long will that man's legacy live on between us.
I like to talk a lot... sometimes I even make sense, mostly not...
How about breaking it up into several legs. This could be as few as 2~3 long legs or many shorter legs.

Here's what I think might be fun, 7 legs of apx 1300 nm to apx 2000 nm:

AG Round Oz Race Series
Leg 1: Adelaide to Hobart--apx 1303.5 nm
Leg 2: Hobart to Brisbane--apx 1651 nm
Leg 3: Brisbane to Cairns--apx 1294.8 nm
Leg 4: Cairns to Darwin-- apx 1877 nm
Leg 5: Darwin to Dampier-- apx 1564 nm
Leg 6: Dampier to Perth-- apx 1303.5 nm
Leg 7: Perth to Adelaide-- apx 2085.5 nm

Total nm-- apx 11132
Sorry I have been away since the finish of the Colin Archer.

I saw this suggested in the chat during the race and agree whole heartedly.

I agree with Jack Watson in breaking it into legs. This would give more SOLers the opportunity to participate either in the entire series or in individual legs.

Jack - According to my local knowledge your measurements appear to be in kilometers.

WW - that is essential

Before logging on this morning (Tues Aus time), I did a quick exercise of my own. I wanted to try to tie the legs to IRL ocean races in Aus and be true to local sailing conditions such as getting thru the Great Barrier Reef. I think Aaron would like that. Also, anti-clockwise is best for prevailing winds Here is my humble suggestion and rationale for each leg.

The A3 - AGage's Around Australia Series

Start and Finish - A point and line directly out from Aaron's club, Brighton & Seacliff Yacht Club on Gulf of St Vincent in the suburbs of Adelaide.

Leg1: Adelaide to Melbourne (where I live) - 586 NM
From Port Fairy & Apollo Bay to Melb would be a reverse of the 2 races run by the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria.

Leg2: Melbourne to Hobart - The Westcoaster - 438 NM
Another ORCV race said to be for real sailors as it goes down the notorious west coast of Tas as opposed to the "armchair ride" of the better known Syd-Hob sister race.

Leg3: Hobart to Sydney - 698 NM
Reverse of the famous race, no more need be said.

Leg4: Sydney to Gold Coast - 782 NM
IRL race run by CYCA. This is a big race as it is the start of the top yachts moving north for our winter.

Leg5: Brisbane to Hamo (Hamilton Island) - 543 NM
I am originally from Bris and know the Queensland coast well. This race is a combination of IRL races - Bris to Gladstone, Bris to Kepple & Kepple to Airlie Beach. Hamilton Island Race Week (Hamo as it is known down here) has become the largest offshore regatta on the Aus calendar. Top yachts and top partying, I know from experience ;-)

Leg6: Hamo to Cairns - 284 NM
A short race because it will require concentration navigating thru islands inside the Great Barrier Reef.

Leg7: Cairns to Darwin Across the Top - 1,388 NM
For this leg I propose forcing the fleet thru a gate in the Great Barrier Reef into the Coral Sea rounding Osprey Reef to port and then NW rounding Boigu Island to port (the most northerly part of Australia) and then to Darwin harbour leaving Bathurst Island to port.

Leg8: Darwin to Perth - 1,780 NM
Straight forward, open ocean, a few turns from west to south. Plenty of sleep.

Leg9: Fremantle to Adelaide - 1315 NM
Down to the Southerm Ocean and across the Great Australian Bight. VORs route to the east. Should be howling to get us to the finish line back at Adelaide.

About 7,814 NM give or take depending on fine tuning.

This is my suggestion to get the conversation going and would like to hear from more experienced SOLers regarding practicalities.

As I am semi-retired and one of Aaron's countrymen, I am volunteering to put the whole package together, if that is OK with you RC. I have the instruction package on putting SOL Races together.

Your thoughts please
Rob "Tyger"

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“We may have arrived on different ships, but we are all in the same boat now!” Martin Luther King Jr.
Did you know - the continent of Australia is approximately the same size as continental USA but with only 22 million people and has no land borders with any other country

--- Last Edited by Tyger at 2012-07-17 04:23:04 ---
“We may have arrived on different ships, but we are all in the same boat now!” Martin Luther King Jr.
Thanks Tyger, it's good to have local knowledge. I like Tyger's suggestions.
Tyger -- I think that sounds absolutely spot on. Tieing it into real races is deffo the right thing.

SOL does have some spare capacity - the draft August calendar (the latest I've done) has spaces and if you check the SOL Racing Year there is space for us to run the AAA series right through, perhaps with a week between the arrival of the winner and the start of the next race?
Yup, sounds good. Nice thinking Tyger & Jack... I would have sailed the whole thing as 1 leg... but others are better at this than I am :-)
I like to talk a lot... sometimes I even make sense, mostly not...

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