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1stly "yours" is related to you as a group and not to you as a single

2ndly you all together followed the map and not the words from NOR,rightly for you as you fallowed your habits.

3RDLY nothing to do with real races till certain extent as when something is not explained in SOL we have to relay on the rules of real sailing and NOR is the most important instruction of a race.

4thly I did not do the mistake but I simply did not follow recent habits of the group as unaware of them.

5thly the race comity behaved rightly as I followed the rules
i see any further discussion with you is obsolete.
You do not have any sense, i regret.
Go on to sail as your are sailing and be happy to win in your way to sail ..
I wish you happy sailing.
can't we all just get along...

we aren't curing cancer here, we are sailing imaginary boats on the internet...

Poco you have issue the way DP ran the course. race committee did not have any issues with it. so your gripe should be with the the race committee.

CP found a legal loop hole in the written sailing instructions and exploited it. NO different than if you found a way to improve your boat that no one else had thought of but the rules allow...

Using the rules to their fullest to gain an advantage is not cheating...
gatorsailer - sorry you had to post this before I saw that the matter had not "rested".

Points of view have been expressed sufficiently forcefully and it would be a pity to have to lock this thread.

Practice racing has evolved over the past years from a few friends matchracing into something a tad more formal. The intention is to help newbies learn about SOLing and to provide a means of testing a boat polar and consequently needs to be a little more relaxed than official SOL races.

Practice Racers have developed a few common-sense rules which are bent, e.g. doing 360s, as necessary to make any particular race a pleasant affair.

If Practice Racing begins to dominate or distort the fun aspect of sailing on SOL then it is an easy matter to stop setting up courses/races and let it fall back into the very ad hoc and informal affair it was originally.

--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2011-10-23 13:36:17 ---
"we aren't curing cancer here, we are sailing imaginary boats on the internet..."
RC, no worries. I don't sail big boats any more, only R/C sail boats, and every time someone comes up with an innovation when they build a boat or figure out a way to make the boat go faster or put more lead into the keel and still be at min weight. it gets folks "wound up"

We love our sport and we hate to get beat, more so when we get beat by someone who "thinks outside the box"

Rails down pointy end up....sail on...

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