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I don't know, maybe he was asking for some kindness...usually if I sail in a mixed fleet with a big boat I try pass the smaller boats trying not to blanket them if this does not harm my route.


I did not wrote this replay as questions...
(2011-02-28 21:01:05)

it was something someone else wrote... I just saw it...
Sorry to see you that upset, really sorry.

I still stand up for my opinion, and I, me, Jepsom, can´t see the fun part of it when you do it this way. But we all think different of everything, don´t we? I like blue, someone else likes red... I like meat, someone else like fish better etc etc
You can do what ever you want, no problems.

Thats "what the hell" I´m talking about... ;)

/Jep :)
can you see my fun if I tell you that Gilles is single hand since Iberian tour ?

And I celebrate MY way, I do not need to copy ideas from anyone. ( this is disturbing me more than the router discussion and all the others points....)
Your are invited to join the party as any SOLer. :-)

but I think really that with this we go side tracked to the topic of this post....

--- Last Edited by Gilles at 2011-03-01 13:15:32 ---
Are you guys kidding me ....... I just looked at Expedition 1400 USD ! do you know something I dont ?

New sails are usually more expensive :)

New sails are usually more expensive :)

Hehe I used to have thousands of pounds in cash stashed in the headlining for new sails so the wife could not find it ! LOL :)

ahhh those were the days :(

--- Last Edited by chris leamon at 2011-03-01 17:54:58 ---
And I think your top argument was safety not speed …
BillynoMates_SA said @ 2011-03-01 16:59:56:
Are you guys kidding me ....... I just looked at Expedition 1400 USD ! do you know something I dont ?

I seriously doubt anyone has bought Expedition purely for SOL purposes. But there would be some who use it for real oceans and so have it available for use on SOL aswell. SailPlanner is a more affordable alternative, and then there is BlueWater Racing, which is free, has a few bugs and could do with a better written optimization module, but it works and has some nice features (like ability to plot manual route ;-)) that I dont recall in SP (which doesnt mean it isnt there...)
I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__
Oh, well so much to write it would take hours, so just some very short thoughts.

1. I strongly support the Idea of at least two rankings, with and without routers, as it was discussed some times before.

2. The idea of a not 100% true weather is good, but i think, very difficult to implement, if the difference shall not be recognizable from the Data recieved by the Client.

A few additional comments:
Just using routers, doesn't win you a race. Never! But it make Things easier, that's for sure.

The first thing i learned on SOL is: the shorter the Race, the better my Results. Not that much surprising, as my knowledge derives mainly from Dinghy racing.

My first Oceanraces almost completly ended up in Desaster, because i had no real idea, how much faster boats are in downwind Situations and how much extra Miles that makes up in several days.

So i digged out my knowledge on weather, spent a lot of time on Ugrib and my results went up to about Top 50.
I than discovered routers and started fiddling around with them, noticing that their routes were allmost the same as what i had in mind. So i started to rely more and more on routers and my results went down even below where they started.

What i've learned: Routers aren't Tools to tell you where to go, but to tell you how to go fast to a certain Point.

I now stopped using Routers as i can't afford them and Bluewater runs crappy if at all on my System. The only thing i'm missing sometimes is a Tool to tell me when it pays off doing some extra miles on TWA in shifting Conditions instead of going direct way or if i'm gaining more on footing first and pinching afterwards or the other Way round.
here I want some sincere answers for those using sophisticated routers and usually are well placed.
1. Do you think you will be so well placed even if not using them?

2.Do you enjoy yr placement as if it would be the result of your capabilities, or you fill little embarrassed knowing, that you had a great help, which is not available to the others?

3.Do you think the others(not all of course,but many) would be well placed as well, by using the same sophisticated routers?

4.Do you think all the competitors are sailing technically on equal bases?

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