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I started with an excuse of my bad english. I did NOT mean that anyone hacking in to other boats account. It might looked that I meant that, but NO. :)

Just the fact that you put in other boats in the software and then see the optimal route for those. Sure, I also allways have an eye on my competitors, ofcourse! That must be done here and IRL. But with those routing system, you can exclude and include boats almost exact. Still I DO NOT says it cheating, but I just don´t like it.

One thing that I have thought of is, why don´t put in some parameters that makes the weather show some difference compared to wx...? Then we have more likely IRL-sailing... Nobody really knows what comes up, more or less... ;)

Jepsom: I have done routing for Leg 5 and have already come 21st :) before we even start:) :)

Sorry I meant Leg 4. It would be interesting to see who was routing in the top 50
Gilles posted in there while I was writing last post! But he again illustrates that router use varies.
(and congrats on L4 win Gilles!)

Also, I edited OP to point out something that it occurs to me may have been mis understood.

All this tool does is reformat output from BWR. It does nothing else. specifically, BWR outputs alot of information about each 'leg' of a route, the distance, time enroute, avg wind etc.. all of which is not needed to set a DC. So this tool simply extracts the HDG and DATE/TIME from all that and puts it into the format used by branaid's DC Editor:
And the date is written in a different format also... ;-)

ie this: " 1 -43°30.000' 17°30.000' 223 224 8.72 124.44 14.3 10.14 99.72 02/01/2011 17:08 121 11.3 -29.3"
is changed into this:
"2011/01/02 17:08:00 cc 224"

Now, personally I do not think that sailing for long without using a TWA course is going to be very fast.
I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__
The "weatherthing" is a good idea Jepsom. I've been thinking about it too. IRL the weather and the weather forecast is not the same.
Hometown: Trosa, Sweden
Boat: Albin Express, SWE 410
..and I have Sailplanner in my computer. But I dont use it. Haven't paid for it and therefore no polars in it. And I have sleept all nights since start in Barcelona.
Hometown: Trosa, Sweden
Boat: Albin Express, SWE 410
I totally see your points and I respect all opinions even if i do not agree with them.

You are an experienced sailor and you know that all top crew try to "bend" class rules in order to have an edge on the others. I had the luck of competing in a J24 World plus a number of European and National regattas and I remember:

1) people sandblasting the rudder and fin so smooth that it was shining like a mirror
2) people carrying extra weight under the wetsuit
3) helmsmans pumping the mainsail like windsurfers
4) crew shifting fore and aft on wave crests

all of these actions were "forbidden" by class rules but everyone who was aiming to the top spots in the rank was doing them. I believe that in X-35 there are a lot of those tweaks too.

I am not a computer programmer, in fact I believe I could make the same usage of any software router available so, restricting to only SailPlanner would not have any effect on the final outcomes.

Again I repeat myself, there is no way out to this discussion. We can only limit it, i.e. by setting the DC limit to 1 per hour so that no automatic steering would be possible. Or have a different ranking system, but this will be decided by the fairness of people admitting to use routing software or not.
WOW I have never known such quick posts that many are made while I was composing one!

Jepsom, I hadnt thought of plotting routes for others, but really it does u little good except to see if they are likely to pass you or not... You cannot change their routes ;-)

One thing that I have thought of is, why don´t put in some parameters that makes the weather show some difference compared to wx...? Then we have more likely IRL-sailing... Nobody really knows what comes up, more or less...

Jepsom, this really wouldnt do much... As long as there is enough information in the client for you to be able to plot a decent route (ie you can see the weather in the client) it is available to any tool... I will not go further here as it may get me into trouble I dont deserve, just indicating what is technically possible...

Unless you mean have weather that is not completely shown in the SOL client? I think that would cause more comments than using routers!
I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__
Undercover: Can yo tell me which position I´ve got at Leg 5?? ;)

Well, I give up arguing in this subject. We just have some difference opinions...
course I want to win this ... but I would not be able to find enjoyment in setting the parameters of a computer, go to bed, and then wake up and see that the computer was thinking right ... yes, I won:))
I still want something which make the "true" weather show some differences from the wx... Windshift will come earlier or later... TWD +/- compared to the wx etc etc... thaht would make this as close as it can to the IRL.

Do not relax to much guys!
I still can beat you ;)

I agree that small random variations would make it more realistic Jepsom, I am just pointing out that anything you can view in the client can also be extracted from the client, or recomputed by other software given the same input as the client... So at the end of the day, someone will go to all the effort needed to do this. There is simply no way to make it 'router proof' unless you make such random changes that are not visible to the client. But again, will not those who use a router still have small advantage? Consider that I could plot using router, that would then give me more time to spend trying to analyse the weather, no?

I am not trying to argue with you, please realize this. As ita says, we all have different opinions and I respect them all... :-)
I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__
I also respect all of you and your opinions, I sure do! There is only one exception... ita10267... ;)

Some years ago when we sailed a race called Gustaf Dahlén Race (different kind of boats), we approached a J24 when the skipper in the J-boat suddenly stood up, shouted laud and clear... "faster boats pass leewards"!! Is it a special rule for J-24 ita..:? ;)

I still laughing when it comes up in my mind, and we still make jokes of that comment :) :)

(nothing personaly ita) ;)


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