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have to tell you that Cvetan owner of Zezo wanted to enter also SOL last year but I asked him not to.

My logic is or everybody has exactly the same help from different tools or nobody.
Nobody, would be perfect and there we could see who is really better.
Hmmm Cvetan told me that the market is too small ... I'll dig out the email LOL.


Exactly my point....... everybody has access or nobody !

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sweet looking boat that africa, What is it please ?

--- Last Edited by chris leamon at 2011-02-28 19:12:14 ---
The most pathetic so far in this SOL-game...

Does anybody recognize this???

1/create Skype group, share all passwords for sol,

2/get NOAA grid from NOAA website before even uploaded in Sol

3/get Polars and Tools from brainaid, agage etc

4/run expedition, bluewater, sailplanner etc, compare results and share conclusions and tactics

5/ Implement and be non stop connected with the boats as a team

6/Run routing systems on all "enemy"boats in the neighbourhood in order to control their possible trajects

Once this "system" is up and running you can do other things and just wait for the applaus and the bunga bunga party at the finish...

You must feel proud when you reach the finish line and beat "us" ... but one thing I wonder about ... how do you feel when you get whipped by such a simple sailor like me...? I am so simpel, just using the game as it is.. "LOL"

It would be really interesting to know what you get out of this? Maybe you Stealing candy from children when they sleep as well?

I can´t do anytjhing else but laughing... ROTFL :)

VWD all!! :):)


Let me clarify:

I am not against the use of router-aid. All I want is diversification; races for router-aids and races for non users.

To my limited knowledge of programing I am assuming there is no easy way to tell (and prevent) someone using external software aid, therefore, I am preaching for the Sol gods and goddess to schedule weekly short races that (I think) defeats the purpose of software use.

I think - and corrected me if I wrong - that short races with islands and SLI's on the way would make the "translation" to a aid-software time consuming and "hopefully" discouraging the use of external aid.

We could also schedule a long race where the participants would promise not-to-use software. I know, it sounds naive, but I still believe in the human spirit and specially in the yachting community.

Another idea is to run "a few" races in stealth mode where we would see the competition in the last 20 miles only.

I understand that there will always be use of aid, in fact SOL is a supperb platform to test software routers.

All I am asking for is that SOL does NOT turn into a game that ONLY the router-aid users can have fun.

I am not here preaching to stop progress but to expand the possiblities to all kind of SOL users.

Antonio (zero)

Jepson...Agree ! Den där om godis från ungarna var bra...lol !
Jepson...Agree ! Den där om godis från ungarna var bra...lol !
Uuh, what have I done with my reply?
Jepsom, don't leave! We will find a way to keep the fun in this game.
BillynoMates_SA said @ 2011-02-28 19:09:01:
Exactly my point....... everybody has access or nobody !

--- Last Edited by chris leamon at 2011-02-28 19:10:21 ---

sweet looking boat that africa, What is it please ?

--- Last Edited by chris leamon at 2011-02-28 19:12:14 ---

that boat is one off, my design and built by myself in high tech incl.14 mts carbon mast.It is 9.75 mts by 3.63 mts and 2.4 mts canting keel.
few pics:
http://s169.photobucket.com/albums/ u204/capada/#!cpZZ4QQtppZZ20

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Nice boat, looks fast !

Antonio (zero)
I have used Zezo before, and looked at SailPlanner and brainaids tools---and concluded that I do SOL for fun, to test ME against the race. I try to do my own predictions for courses, using the Measuring tool and the wind forecasts---And while I do not like being beaten by somebody else's 'tool',I will carry on----and just hope the developer of each 'tool' has as much fun as me---and that the users of these tools DO NOT.
If it breaks, it's not strong enough--if it doesn't, it's too heavy.

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