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  • Re: QtVlm router and Brainaid's NMEA proxy
    Board » Technical Support
    Hi Boozeroo,

    Where I'm at so far, is that to get the Brainaid NMEA Proxy running I had to install Firefox, it would not run off Safari for some reason. I'm now trying to get MultiCom working, which for some reason is not picking up the output from Brainaids NMEA proxy (get a message saying that it is "Waiting for Server" continuously, when the NMEA proxy is running).

    In QtVlm, under Boat -> Boat Settings, select Serial Mode, name it the same name as you setup when setting up MultiCom (see link below to another thread on how to do this) and this should be able to import the NMEA data in to QtVlm.

    how to connect to brainaid

    If you are able to get MultiCom to work better than I have so far, you should be able to get this all working.

    edited long after the event to make a link out of a url that was overlapping the column!

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  • Re: QtVlm router and Brainaid's NMEA proxy
    Board » Technical Support
    Thanks Cappy… I think it's all ok now, Java has been upgraded and the new version is supported by Apple… I still can't get it to run though, still trying to find options… Anyone else managed to get Brainaids NMEA proxy to run on a Mac?
  • Re: QtVlm router and Brainaid's NMEA proxy
    Board » Technical Support
    Ok, I think I might be able to use OpenCPN... But can't try it yet as I can't get brainaid's NMEA proxy to run.

    When using Safari, I click on the link, and it zips in to the download icon in the top right corner, and then disappears, nothing happens, no NMEA proxy runs, and I can't tell if Java runs or not.

    When using Chrome, it sends me to the oracle homepage to download java, which I have done, and have the latest version. Again, I don't know how to check that it is running but assume that it is.

    I'll keep looking to see what I can find...
  • Re: QtVlm router and Brainaid's NMEA proxy
    Board » Technical Support
    Has anybody found a Nav system monitoring program, similar to NavMonPC that will run-on Mac? I am looking for a way to connect brainaids NMEA proxy to qtVlm… Cheers
    Board » General Discussion
    I'm with Blake. I would like to do the Volvo Race, it is the premier Around the World event and would be great to follow it around. Would definitely increase interest in the race. It is unfortunate not having a V3 polar, but surely someone must know someone who know's someone...?
  • Re: Email to Commodore McIrvine RORC re action against SOL, 9 August 2009
    Board » General Discussion
    Very well written RC, I am sure you reflect the sentiments of all of us sailing on SOL. I was dissappointed to wake up to find the race cancelled, and angered to learn the reason! I hope this reached it's intended mark and has some affect. Go the little guys!

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