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Tarco has started working on a MOD70 polar, and I promised archive weather for the race(s) of the "European Tour" held in Sept. Tracking for the 5 races is available at europeantour.addviso.com/carte/carte1.swf if you substitute the desired race for the 1 in carte1.

If anyone else wants to take a stab at building a polar from scratch, please join in/help out! Once we get close we can race the new polar in routing to fine tune, and then hopefully race against the real boats in SOL next year.

--- Last Edited by 76Trombones at 2012-12-06 14:34:46 ---
Starting points - for leg 1, our current fleet was slower by:

OPEN60 40.1%
VO70 20.9%
ORMA 11.4%
Orange 17.6%
SuperMaxi 15.4%

These things are a lot faster close reaching than anything we sail!
Thank you, 76T !
I've finally managed to get the data on ExpeditionLT and BWR.
I still have to work the settings, I guess... and to understand all the functions...
That's fun, but it will be veeery long... I only hope I won't be late. The next official MOD70 race is in june 2013... :-)
Tarco, I can't get that file to work (fully) in most of my "normal" software. I couldn't find any simple ways to covert the data to a form that most can use, but I'm going to write a tool to do it properly... Give me a few days ;-)
Great !
I'm still struggling to understand the BWR tutorials... and wondering if I shouldn't reinstall wind-doze on the laptop... can't count the number of error messages I get on startup. Might be a reason why BWR doesn't run as expected sometimes...
Maybe you could just tell me the exact URL where you find the grib files. I'll work the races in slices... as soon as I can work anything... :-)
Anyway, this idea of a grib maker is great ! I couldn't have thought about it, as this is far beyond my possibilities... :-)
As you've guessed, you can take your time to create the tool... :-D
This leg should be interesting too. http://krysoceanrace.addviso.com/carte/
This was the first MOD70 race ever. It took them 5 days to cross the Atlantic... 1 day less than expected. ;-)

I think I can find the winds in Nomads for this period... I should then be ready to start calculations by this evening. :-D
Hi, 76T !
I've made a polar running on BWR and compared it to OPEN_60 with Brainaid's GRIB around England/Ireland.
From Edinburgh to Islay, the result is : 3d15h on OPEN60, 2d17h on the draft MOD70.
This seems to be a good beginning but still a bit slow, I'm afraid. I would like to compare it to the other boats you tried last week.

As I'm a newbie on BWR, I don't have any polar archives, so I miss the ones you mentioned. Please, could you post them for me ?
I mean VO70, ORMA60, Orange and SuperMaxi for BWR.

Anyway, I believe the ultimate trick will be to work on the KrysOcean and EuroTour trackers. I've tried to understand how to work on grib archives... change grib2 into grib1, then concatenate... with no result at all.
Still far beyond my understanding... I'm not used to console commands, or such spells and charms... :-)
Attached is another version of that grib. BWR still doesn't seem to like it much, but it loads and routes.

Requested polars (in bwr format) as well as a "blank" polar which I find to be a useful starting point as it contains a minimum number of points. Can be easily edited to get close, and then refined with more points if desired.

If the grib works, I'll do the Atlantic and also repackage the individual legs as smaller files - should speed things up quite a bit.
Oops... and Orange. :-)
Thank you, 76T !
I've begun to take speed/TWA samples from EuropeTour leg 1. Using Zygrib to read NOAA's grib1s and the tracker for the positions.

It will probably take me a few days per leg, but the polar should be better afterwards....
So far, in BWR, the results are close to what you found in comparision with the other boats, but the track is a complete mess compared to the IRL race.... so I guess the polar is false... :-)

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