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Board » General Discussion » Email to Commodore McIrvine RORC re action against SOL, 9 August 2009

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What a crock 'o ...

Their site does not even meet the minimum requirements for IP protection in the US. There were no identified IP marks, or indications of any kind of what might be be protected and no indication of who might be the owner of the IP should it be identified.

While they may claim anything they like in private correspondence their public facing information is wholly inadequate to support their claim.

Their claim to the route would only hold in the real world, and only because it would be logistically a near impossibility to hold a parallel regatta, not because the have made a case for the claim. While the real world case could be made based on the laws of the UK, the case for the virtual world is undeniably weak.

While not a lawyer in good standing in any country I have a feel for the needs and requirements for IP in the virtual world, as displayed in the US.

"They won't play if they can't win" - Walt Disney
The Commodore has a point.

Most major events organisers seek protection for their naming right sponsors, i.e. the Olympics, to avoid piggyback marketing.

Even though you may not wish to promote anything, using the Olympic symbol will get you into trouble pretty quickly.
Hello Rainbow!!!

Im sorry I didnt post my support sooner. Ive been terribly busy on my new Townhouse Complex called "The Hyperion"(Check out http://www.balwin.co.za/Hyperion.html). Ive had only 4 weeks to build a 3 storey unit of 6 apartments and have the two ground floor units ready to present to buyers on the 4th.

I hate bullies in all forms. The fact that some 1000 internet users make a virtual race lookalike to the Fastnet surely will not affect anybodies bottom line. Had they been just a little more adult they may well have approached the SOL Gods and requested a "With kind permission of.... and perhaps even managed an advertising slot on the front page.

In the end they just made themselves look like pompous asses.

Well done, well put and everything of the best
George and Arlene Snoek

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