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Board » General Discussion » sailing in meta virtual winds in christmas to christmas

Post annotated by RainbowChaser :
This post was moved from the thread Why not Route du Rhum ? .
I started <sol> in christmas to christmas and sailed her due east.
I thought she would stop at some point. No wind, no grib, no drift --> no speed seemed a logical conclusion.

To my big surprise she still is going. At the moment close hauled but in general cog 90.

If you put the mouse cursor anywhere in the blank no indication of wind angle or windspeed.

Thought it miraculous enough to share it here.


on 2nd thought..
there must be a grib part there but it is invisible.

in the android client the sailing-world is bordered to kind of negative image of flash-client bordered area.

end of rant.

--- Last Edited by sol at 2018-11-27 11:34:11 ---
As explained in the in-race message, there is a problem that occurs when boats cross the antimeridien (date line) and hit the E border of a race... they are teleported across to the W border.


our workaround for those who follow racing directions is to provide a margin within which we can spot errant boats before they reach the teleport point and, as we say in the inrace message, we'll halt those boats.

The idea is to allow for racers who stop steering but never expect to find themselves entirely in the wrong place (or, in this race, super-close to the finish!).

Sol is now steering SW :-)
Thank you Rainbowchaser for repairing my hyjacking a thread instead of opening a new thread.
I did read the in-race message which you repeated here with some extra's.

I do remember this happening sailing <sol> in the 2017 editon of the xmas-xmas.

I think this did not happen in the 2016 edition (I sailed her then too to the finish)

So I wonder if there are records of the changes made in the racing engine and/or in the user-interface that could be rolled back to the healthy 2016 situation.

Apart from that I sailed <sol> into nomans-land because I expected to be stopped as the "predictor-line" was broken off at the grib-border.

--- Last Edited by sol at 2018-12-02 10:11:45 ---

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