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Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Race Calendar » <b> Volvo Ocean Race 2017/2018 possible?<b>

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I have participated in all past virtual volvo ocean races, The coming edition seems to take place without a vritual version. Would it be possible to add this to the race schedule on such a short notice ? I volunteer to complete a race proposal if it makes a chance, after becoming a SYC member off course.
Armchairsailor: If you have a look at the Q4 calendar, you will notice that leg 1 of Sailonline's World Race will take place as "Alicante to Lisbon-SWR" on the 22nd of October. SWR stands for Sailonline World Race, VOR is a copyrighted name.

OK Bimmer. That is great news. I will sign op for SYC now.
uhmm..i know this is the Lada Ocean race, but why does the first warm up track has these strange marks.. I mean, this will be ocean racing?

best, Dikke
uhmm..i know this is the Lada Ocean race, but why does the first warm up track has these strange marks.. I mean, this will be ocean racing?

best, Dikke
I join Dikke on this questioning.

Could the SRC bring to light the reasons for such a choice?

Was the weather forecast considered in the decision-making process, as it was in the Silverrudder, for example? If so, how?

Were there other course options available?

For the moment, this is about it.

See you!

=== Navegare Necesse ===
Sailonline regularly races around the world, choosing starts/finishes from appropriate locations. The start leg of our SWR from Alicante to Lisbon seemed rather short, so SRC in consultation with senior SOL management decided in the absence of a pre-existing option on the course you see which, by its zig-zag nature, gives the opportunity to by-pass various ports in the Mediterranean before finishing in Lisbon.

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SRC was inadvertently logged in as sol. This reply is from SRC.
Ok, fair enough. But i stil do not understand the choice for a zig zag marking. Why not leave from Barcelona, or leave from Ibiza. Just change the start location? Also, i wonder, does this also means that the rest of the legs also get funny marks?

best, Dikke
The intention of SRC is that the balance of the RTW course will not need funny legs.
but how about changing the start location? I mean, these 2 north african marks are true bbq magnets.
Best, Dikke

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