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Hi all!

Here's statistics for whole Q1&Q2 40' Series.
In _short xlsx is Series ranking (best 5 of 6 races), non-SYCM included but not ranked, the worst result marked red.
In _detail xlsx are all 6 races statistic table and two tables with ranking by Polar Types; one based on in-Type rank only (i.e. 1 pt for each Type winner in race, regardless of race pts, 2 pts for 2nd etc.), and the other based on in-race rank pts. Which one ranking system is more fair, I'm leaving for discussion. :)
Only "valid" races count, DSQ pts excluded.
Point system is explained above.
In tables, you can sort by any column you like, just click arrow near column name and choose sort direction.

João, thanks for compliment, hope you and other SOLers find interesting final Series statistics.
All comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

Great 6 races, looking forward to Q3&Q4 Series. Thanks all for sailing, and SOL Team for organization.
Ibis redibis numquam in mare peribis
Viva SimeMali and all.

Good afternoon.

Thank you for this #6 update on the 40' Series Stats.
Brilliant work and keep going!

Big Hug from

Sail Fair.
For SRC.

Good afternoon.

Very recently I purposed a new 40' sailboat to SRC to substitute the SOTO40, or to be added to the actual SOL 40´fleet.

The idea was/is to raise the actual level (IMHO she’s now the best SOL 40' boat) and bring even more interest to this successful Series championship.

Probably I’m missing something basic, but I don’t quite understand why we have to wait 6 months to have an update on the Series fleet.

Can someone please explain it?

Thank you

Sail Fair.
Hi all!

For Q3&Q4 40' Series, here are
Polar Performance Comparation Tables, to ease your choice :-/
Values are from official 40ft_polars.zip, qtVlm csv. Good luck!

Original idea and work on this tables are Renegade's, I did just update numbers. THX Renegade!
FW all!

--- Last Edited by SimeMali at 2017-07-16 10:04:28 ---

--- Last Edited by SimeMali at 2017-07-16 15:17:35 ---
Ibis redibis numquam in mare peribis
Nice job SimeMali :-)
.. and here's one more for those who prefer visual over numbers
Ibis redibis numquam in mare peribis
Here's results after Race #2 of Q3&4 40' Series.
Updates will be posted here ASAP after each race.


--- Last Edited by SimeMali at 2017-08-13 06:54:49 ---
Ibis redibis numquam in mare peribis
Sorry for absence after race #3, here's cumulative statistics for all 4 40CQ3&4 races.

Ibis redibis numquam in mare peribis
After race #5. Some bugs in xml fixed.
Cats are preparing for final encounter... :)
FW all!
Ibis redibis numquam in mare peribis

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