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I don't need you.

I have been looking for some way to contribute, because I was very very happy to find some way to use some of my sailing skills again, if only in play. I am almost entirely housebound, and trying to come to terms with the fact that my racing is probably f-ing over in the real world. And I am desperately trying to save my career at the same time, but I work in odd cycles because of the nature of my illness.

So I do know that I sound like somebody who is trapped in a room by himself all day an night, and I ask that you please forgive me my excessive and overwhelming moments. My wife has left and taken my son to go live with someone else and damn it I NEED something to do with my mind that isn't the same old thing. I used to go to my yacht club. I would drink with my friends. And I raced at least twice a week on average. It meant the world to me, I named my son Ulysses for chris sake.

When I see something that is really cool I MUST know how it works. That is why I like boats. Don't you know everything about your boat, worked on her every inch from stem to stern to make her the best and fastest you can race? I hope so. And when I look at the "beta" client as it was a couple months ago when I started, with its open messaging format, well designed long polling and good uncheat-able server based play I was impressed, And spent some time asking questions about other charting and routing options, comparing, making little work flows, and generally seeing where it might want to go some day (which I shall sum up as "more than one measuring line, and maybe movable ones"). I don't care that you can probably make it look like someone else is talking in the chat. I really really don't care. I accidentally found out and mentioned it because it was the middle of the night, dark out and I was BORED. It wasn't something to call my mom about at 2 am, and hell, somebody might want to know. What you see going in and out of your computer is more interesting and more reveling than you would think. The only secure computer is locked in a safe with the power cord in another safe.

Anyway, I'm done being pissed, and I'm still stuck in this box. Going to bed till the noon video conference, and then I'll go find another hobby. I have to type carefully for work, and as you may have noticed I have nerve damage of some sort, which makes it hard to hit the keys in order. It also makes watching me shave entertaining. I should find a hobby that involves gardening, or crafts. I guess gardening doesn't work well at 3 am, but you get the idea.

I think it is time I threw out those old foulies anyway. They are at least a dozen years old, knees and butt replaced every years by my wife. A second summer has passed without sailing.

Maybe I'll come back when I've learned to keep my mouth shut. Put a sock in it etc. My passion for the the sport of racing was beginning to come out more than I wanted too here at home. I'm very hard on myself about sailing, in some ways it provided a controlled release for a large part of my personality that also enjoyed guest roles in ward, helping at natural disasters and climbing stuff that was too tall. Once again, sorry.

You might not care much for me, but the feeling isn't mutual. I don't drink any more, but this one is virtual and won't clash with my meds:

"Cheers! Here is to the racing, which was good! A good competitor, or even an earnest enemy is better than comfortable stagnation."

Headless (but still just a) Monkey, man


(I didn't bother to save your address RC, and by the way, last time you were busy. I've been waiting for this weekend to get it.)


... I'm often mistaken for being sarcastic, when people just can't figure out that NO, I am being condescending! ... This post guaranteed to contain 0% of both :)
Shaking his head like a fool, the monkey realizes he can't swim.
Im not gonna respond to all the points here but I will mention a couple.

1) As was explained to you in the very early days, the coding of SOL is very sensitive commercially and thus access is restricted to a very few. Many people have spent a lot of time bringing SOL up to the stage it is now and their work must be protected.

2) and I say this as a disabled person who has not taken a step for 32 years. I am sorry to hear of your illness. There are many people who use SOL as such an escape. There is no reason these days in a lot of societies why such things should hold us back. But to use ones disabilities in a rant is not cool. Go grab that life- you get but 1 shot at it
I have noticed for some time that there were postings in chat where the name of the writer seemed to be different from the name of the sailor. I am not referring to the accidental use of 'sol', but rather to instances where the actual sailor adds his 'real' SOL name to explain that the pseudonym is not actually him but is really....etc, etc. etc. How is this possible? Do some people have several SOL names (and/or several boats)??? Yours, for an even playing field, Signed, Rod (my real and SOL name)
p.s. The Avatar to the left is not actually me, at least not in THIS program.......

--- Last Edited by Rod at 2013-08-21 16:35:26 ---
If it breaks, it's not strong enough--if it doesn't, it's too heavy.
headless monkeyman I am very sorry to hear that you are incapacitated by a neurological condition... join the club! I have parkinsons' and these days am mostly bed-/house-bound due to some symptoms getting above themselves.

Sailonline is a fabulous place to spend one's time and it has certainly helped me since I became "Admin"/SOLgoddess in June 2010 - really sharpening my wits which were beginning to fog up.

SOLers reading this will wonder just how "foggy" I was ... if current performance is now considered sharp.

But I digress.

Life deals folks a bunch of cards and we all, for good or ill, have to deal with them.

Sailonline is, for the most part, a haven where we all come just to chill, to sail, to build acquaintanceship and, as you may have spotted recently, to crew a yacht in an offshore race - let me draw your attention to the blog of yacht Jubilant that was crewed entirely by SOLers who met online and came from Europe and the Americas. Sailonline is a brilliant way to wind down as well as, for those of a more competitive nature, to hone skills and as life/illness/circumstances change, to still win yacht races!

There is a very very small team running SOL - we are, if you have taken time to read the Forums, in the process of moving owhership from individual to Community.

We hope in the coming months and in the future generally to be able to improve and enhance what is currently on offer - there is a whole world of potential.

Meantime, any comments or insights into ways in which Sailonline can be enhanced can obviously be discussed in chat but do need to be followed up with either a Forum post, if it is appropriate, or otherwise sent to the general admin email address (admin@sailonline.org) findable under the About link.

Sailonline is like a local bar or pub that you pop into - if a regular then you get to know each other better, if infrequently, then you are always welcome with open arms and folks want to know what you've been doing since the last time.

Sailonline is a GLOBAL set up and not everyone speaks fluent English and thus complex or involved discussions of a technical or other nature are best placed elsewhere and, often, folks head into a race's Sailtalk Chatroom for "sailing-technical" chat!

Hope you are all set to sail in the upcoming Vineyard race at the end of the month? We are the official virtual partner of Stamford YC in Connecticut (3rd year) and Long Island Sound can be fun to play in.

See you SOLing!
Rod - you can choose which name to post in the forums as... click on Edit Profile, then scroll to Community Settings and it is shown there how you may select how to be seen in Forums ;-)
Ah, I didn't know that!
If it breaks, it's not strong enough--if it doesn't, it's too heavy.
I'm lucky enough to be sailing on the water again after a long (for me) lay off with fatigue. One of those weird illnesses the doctors couldn't diagnose let alone treat. SOL is wonderful for keeping in the sailing community, learning navigation, weather as well as plenty of chat about sailing. SOL is a community in more ways than one. If you are keen to help, SOL will find a way to use your talents!

Keep on SOLing, whether you are happy or struggling. We all have our downs, SOL helps me look at the world in a brighter light.

Cheers, Kevin
Indeed... helps a some people a lot and others just a little bit... but it does help.
If nothing else your level of experience irl and with it issues can be a great help to a 'it challenged' floater like me

Cheers Kurt.

hang in there mate.
I like to talk a lot... sometimes I even make sense, mostly not...
Although I am not the best sailor and have been seen many a time to take a wrong course or BBQ at the oddest of moments, I enjoy speaking with all of you and getting some insight. This is the only boat I am allowed to navigate and helm most of the time (Otto the auto does most of it IRL)....I enjoy the comments and the chat. Sometimes, I am ready to give up due to performance, but the great crew out here keeps me going.
I have been out of commission for a while.
Hospital stays (I actually managed one race with my iPhone and Puffin) and once back home am restricted to bed rest except for two hours a day, have recently (Freemantle to Bali) started using an iPad with Puffin. SOL is lifting my spirits and while I would love to have access to my laptop to be more active in CHAT, it's in palliative care.
'nuff said, I learn a lot here and love the comradorie.

Everything gets done by not doing anything!

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