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I have a new idea for the medals ... soon you will see ...

Carlo Alberto
Excellent stuff guys! WD Jawz & co.
I like to talk a lot... sometimes I even make sense, mostly not...
Jawz -I am about to use Simone's medals for the Magnus Olsson podium - still think they perhaps need some shade alteration as the tiny size doesn't make them "pop" or do the artwork justice :-) In future they will be used for ocean races.

SCARA - I will be using your medals for week/weekend races.

The trophies for the A3 series were some I found as freebies from browsint t'internet and I think they work well enough.

Thank you to you both for helping! Thought we'd get a lot more contributions but... its all about quality and not quantity!


I will get Simone to make the yachts completely white?

I will also ask her to knock up some "Trophies" Send me a mail with any particular requirements that you feel she should utilise. eg. I asked her to use the SOL wave on the website header in the medals. Please feel free to send any requests RC, she works from my home, and this is a way for her to "pay her dues"!!!



Attached is a pic emailed to me of some trophies that Jawz asked his daughter to create - very beautiful... :-)

Thank you for the offer of Simone's help - it is not really for me to "task" someone here Jawz - the idea is for SOLers to generate designs themselves or propose ideas for trophies/medals.

--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2013-06-21 10:12:12 ---
Hi SOLers

This is another set of Trophies. Intended for use in a Tall Ships race or series.
Sorry. That was me. I was looking at other race as user sol! Brain fade!
It's Friday... We forgive you :-)
I like to talk a lot... sometimes I even make sense, mostly not...
New medals ... with ribbon ... (1)
Very good Scara, very good. Now I just have to get one.


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