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28 October 2019

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GOOD ONYA Kipper1258!!!
Maith an fear bonknhoot!! Честито beliberda!

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Time truly seems to have flown since Coastal Classic time 2018 but it was fun to be back in Auckland once more for this year’s annual race up the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island to Russell. The 2019 race saw excellent winds for our virtual 60ft trimarans, but for the mixed fleet in reality, conditions were more than a little sporting!! Here’s an image of Starlight Express with Edwin Delaat aboard - remember the “youngster” who used to race and sail with our late and much missed NZL_yachtyakka? He now crews on some of the biggest and best in Pacific racing!

A report on the real race from Sailworld can be found here and, of course, the full results are posted on the race’s homepage here.

The brisk winds made for a speedy race, with our winner, Kipper1258, arriving in 6h 6m 27s, the speediest time to complete this course in Sailonline's history – knocking 1h 50m 45s off bonknhoot's previous course record, also in a 60ft trimaran in 2017. The start was easily DC-able and for those of us manually steering away from Auckland, things were pretty straightforward as far as The Hen and Chickens. Many copied the real fleet and hugged the coastline but those with the wisdom to sail further offshore, as you can read in bonknhoot’s report, made the right decision. Cape Brett was reached relatively easily and the “second half” of the race saw many and various tactics used to reach the finish.

With a fleet of 140 racing, flying the flags of 34 nations, there was stiff competition for the podium with 18 boats arriving within the first 10m, but only our top three could claim those precious podium places, with a mere 56s between the three of them! Congratulations, guys – a truly excellent race!

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