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  • Re: Corinthian Class, IMOCA leg 2
    Board » General Discussion
    Nice idea! I might join in at a later stage. Anyway, I already look only a few times at my boat during working hours, and decide on tactics and strategy mainly in the evening and a bit in the morning.
  • Re: Ranking
    Board » Sailonline Yacht Club
    Should be solved. Take a look tomorrow, after the rankings update.

  • Re: Black race screen
    Board » Technical Support
    Thanks Jeroen. Following discussion on chat, problem solved in the meanwhile. Something with Firefox ...
  • Black race screen
    Board » Technical Support
    Hello everyone,

    My internet connection seems to function properly, and the Sailonline site also.

    However, my race screens are completely black. Never had that before. Am I the only one, or have others the same problem?



    --- Last Edited by Incognito at 2010-12-12 11:44:02 ---
    Board » General Discussion

    The Sailonline manual is absolutely clear: boat sitting is allowed.


  • Re: Routers
    Board » Technical Support
    I have one of the better commercial routers for the real-life boat. I did use it a few times on SOL. The great plus is that I learned to use my routing software and got used to its idiosyncrasies. The great minus is that I started to find SOL boring.

    The problem was easily solved: I almost never use my routing software for SOL races anymore!
  • Re: correctly pass the mark but....
    Board » Technical Support

    Il semble en effet qu'il y ait un bug qui se produit parfois lorsque le parcours fait un 180°. Nous avons rajouté un waypoint pour résoudre le problème sur cette course. Il faut recharger l'écran de course pour voir le nouveau parcours.



  • Re: Races most likely bumped next
    Board » Sailonline Yacht Club

    The Polar test race is not included in any of the rankings. Inexplicably, the Round Iceland race is included in both the Weekend and Week Race Championships. Clearly, I am not the only one who gets confused with these rankings. :-)

    The polar test race was started up at very short notice, and that is why I did not include it in the rankings.

    The Round Iceland is a good example of a more general issue. Most week and week-end races are shorter than 400 NM and usually take 1 or 2 days, and seldom more than 3 days. Depending on their start day (week or week-end), it is easy to say what ranking they belong to.

    Somewhat longer races like Round Iceland (800 NM) are more difficult to classify. It started on a Wednesday evening (during the week => week race) but also spanned a week-end (=> week-end race). I thus decided to classify it both as a week and as a week-end race. That was also metioned in the description of the race, BTW.

    Any better idea? :)


  • Re: Admirals Cup?
    Board » Sailonline Race Committee » Race proposals
    I quite like the idea, but it is difficult to implement for SOL.


  • Re: chat suggestion
    Board » General Discussion
    If it is easy to change the direction of the chat, I support this proposal as well. And now, I go to the IRL boat. Have a nice day!


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Galway Redux TIMED Race 2022
As we last did in 2017, we come to Galway for another TIMED race. Starting from Acaill Bheag, we sail around the coast of County Galway for around 90nm to finish in Galway City. While the weather is generally mild, it gets the occasional severe windstorm which is key to setting a quick time in our Seacart 30s. Feel free to try as much as you want - that is, once you have brought your boat to Galway City first.
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Round Britain and Ireland 2022
We invite you to participate in the 1780 nm race according to the clockwise movement around Ireland, Scotland, Shetland Islands and England. We will have four waters: the North Atlantic Ocean, the Celtic Sea, the North Sea, La Manche Channel. Each of them has its own specific navigation conditions but we will not exchange them here. Watch out for cyclones forming in the vicinity of Iceland and wandering in the south - east. The wind speed at this time of year can reach up to 40 kts and even more. Let's hope that sailing experience and our Sunfast3600 will safely lead us to the finish line.
Race #1625
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Ranking: SYC
Race starts: Oct 01st 18:00 Registration Open!

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