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I think we should scrap the participation points all together.
We have already paid a membership to do this..:)
And we also get points in every race we finish.
It would also be possible for new members to rech the top in reasonable time. It would be a more fair system.
Ranking systems in sailing has been up to discussion many times. It almost always falls back on the standard lowscoring system described in ISAF racing rules. Why not use it? Well tested and described (end of discussion?) and as I see it it will apply very well to SYC ranking system.
For example: Use latest 15 races to conform a serie. Winner gets 1 point, 2nd place 2 points aso. You don't count 1 of 5 races.

What I like with this system compared to current one:
- Sailing IRL is not about winning 5 races of 30. It's about not making big mistakes.
- A 5th place is worth the same for every race. It's not my fault the others didn't show up.
- You have to participate, but if you miss a race you can still win.
- Same system as IRL

I certainly like your input Wiz,

We are not looking at the ranking system at the moment, but when we do a review of it again we will have a good look at the system.
I am a ex-admin of SOL who joins in from time to time.
Does the ranking system works?
If I count my points as the ranking list I get 6024 point. The ranking shows 6180...
Hometown: Trosa, Sweden
Boat: Albin Express, SWE 410
Something is a bit odd with the ranking, we'll look into it ASAP...
Well, I couldn't drop it...
Here's an example of how it works:


- Latest 15 races (5 discounted)
- I have not included the "Sailplanner-race" and the "Experimental-Venerrace".
- All sailors are included now, should be only SYC-members ofcourse.
- It says "DNS" (did not start), but can also mean "DNF" (did not finish).
- I made a quick rip from sailonline.org result pages so there may be errors (a webservice would be neat!)
- And, no, I didn't put in any effort to make it look good... =)

--- Last Edited by Niklas Stenum at 2008-06-23 11:43:54 ---
Nice job Wiz! I like it =)

Email me and we'll discuss a webservice for results!
Updated totalt ranking + 1000mile-ranking:

Great work Wiz, thanks for the quick overview.
I am a ex-admin of SOL who joins in from time to time.
Thx Wiz,

This is a list that is working for me (ISAF) wd

Greetings and hope to Sea y at Sea

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Galway Redux TIMED Race 2022
As we last did in 2017, we come to Galway for another TIMED race. Starting from Acaill Bheag, we sail around the coast of County Galway for around 90nm to finish in Galway City. While the weather is generally mild, it gets the occasional severe windstorm which is key to setting a quick time in our Seacart 30s. Feel free to try as much as you want - that is, once you have brought your boat to Galway City first.
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Round Britain and Ireland 2022
We invite you to participate in the 1780 nm race according to the clockwise movement around Ireland, Scotland, Shetland Islands and England. We will have four waters: the North Atlantic Ocean, the Celtic Sea, the North Sea, La Manche Channel. Each of them has its own specific navigation conditions but we will not exchange them here. Watch out for cyclones forming in the vicinity of Iceland and wandering in the south - east. The wind speed at this time of year can reach up to 40 kts and even more. Let's hope that sailing experience and our Sunfast3600 will safely lead us to the finish line.
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Race starts: Oct 01st 18:00 Registration Open!

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Tour Down Under 2022
It will be 694nm of killing racing on an amazing route created by SOL'er AGage. In the chat of the first edition of this race, Tyger wrote "Only an Aussie (and a crazy one) with intimate knowledge of these waters could have come up with such a racecourse". Well maybe AGage was a bit crazy, but he was also a genius when he made it, inspired by the great cycling race "Tour Down Under". Instead of bikes we will use fast 60ft Trimarans. So rest well and prepare large amounts of coffee. You will have at least two days without sleep. 😊
Race #1595
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60ft Trimaran PARTICULARS
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RACE CLOSE: Monday, 3 October at 23:00 UTC
Race starts: Sep 25th 02:00 Registration Closed

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