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After a race, the winner gets 1000 points, last place gives 1 point. When a race is 30 days old the ranking points from that race is starting to fade out. After 12 months (to eternity) the race gives only 5% of the original points. Total ranking points is calculated as the sum of all races participated. The ranking is only processed about one time per week. Note: The ranking system is preliminary and is subject to evaluation.
...one of the guys behind the game...
As Lattjolajbanladan pointed in the chat we need to have a look at the timed races.

These are now counted as equal as far as I can tell, so the number of times tried gives you an advantige. Maybe we should only count the best result of such a race.

I am a ex-admin of SOL who joins in from time to time.
I agree timed races may count a little too much, especially if you've entered with several boats. Would just counting the best boat be too harsh?
Actually only the best run for each boat should be in the results for a timed race. An example: 3 boats A, B, C starts twice and the result is:
1. A
2. B
3. C
4. B
5. A
6. C
As all 3 have runs in the upper part of the list all will get lots of points.
In this case the list should be (at least when the points are counted).
1. A
2. B
3. C
I think that you should limit the sum to the 10 best for each boat. If all races are counted it will be too important to participate in all of them to get a good ranking.
Well... this is a balance... We really do want to encourage participation at the same time as achievements must be rewarded. Remember that most members will not be up fighting about places 1-3. Perhaps you are right. Lets think about it for a while. Note that the current ranking system is on probation.

...one of the guys behind the game...
i agree with "lattjo" to participate in so many races as possible is a
main thing for high ranking with this system, not all of us are "computernörds" and are not able start in all races.

While I see your points - if you look at the current ranking - don't you think it looks pretty fair?

How do you distinguish two equally good skippers? Isn't a good factor after actual result, the number of races he/she has participated in?

--- Last Edited by Kalle Haglunds at 2008-03-12 17:58:28 ---
Also keep in mind the results degrade over time.
So the rankings are not static, in this way you have to keep active to remain your position.
I think we need to check how this all works out and have a look at it in a few weeks.

But as always all suggestions are welcome.
I am a ex-admin of SOL who joins in from time to time.
Of course, there are two things to take in acount, participation/result.
perhaps a way should be to take an average of the latest result and let old one´s "fade" a way.

The more you race the more skilled you become and that should of course be rewarded.
But i don´t think that a lot of mediocre result should be rewarded in the ranking.

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