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I can get the missing menu problem to repeat quite consistently. Any time I open and OpenGL renderer in Java, the menus disappear. I then have to restart qtVlm to get them back. I'm running on Windows 10 with the jogl java libraries. Hope this helps.

PS. I have not upgraded to 5.7.0 yet.
Hi Andrew,
That is an interesting finding....
5.7.0 uses latest qt libraries so there is some hope it is fixed. Can you upgrade and report if the problem persists?
Sorry to insist but I need an answer before the next one.
Do you still have the menu problem with latest version 5.7.0?
The problem is solved om my 5.7.0
Solved on my computers too.

I have a request. I really like the feature where the loaded grib is displayed on the QtVlm window header. It's a great easy check to make sure you are routing with the correct grib.

I wonder if it is possible to also include up here the boat polar which is loaded? This would mean that is very easy to double check both current grib and polar before routing.

Perhaps though the real estate in the header is too limited if a number of gribs are loaded at once?

The reason I ask is because a number of us old-timers have been known to route with the wrong polar if we are sailing a couple of races at the same time. ;)

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I understand your need :) but as you say there is no much place here (some people are using qtVlm on very small screens).
And normally in real mode one does not change polar so often. Sailonline usage is the exception for that.
Cheers, understood! :)
the boat polars are visible in the main board.
For those who need it:
QtVlm Documentation/Manual
Hi Team
I have qtVlm setup, the NMEA proxy running but I can't get the NMEA settings right in qtVlm. I have attached/uploaded the relevant screen shots. Please can you offer some advice. Cheers Dave

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