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i was happy to finish
First of all, I have to admit that I'm _weak_ and did not finish the race.

Then to the main topic, which would be the future of this race (if there ever will be one;). I see four options:

1. Enough of this nonsense, never again shall this race or any other of its kind be raced in SOL!
2. Bring it on, let's see who has the b**ls to be the king of archipelago madness! Continue as is, the race is the ultimate test of endurance.
3. Co-operation is the basis of the success of mankind, so let's make this a team race!
4. Let's do it as they do it IRL, make this a series of short legs, overall winner decided based on total time used.

2 and 3 can easily coexist. I'd prefer 4.
My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I'm right.
First off, I enjoyed this race, (despite 25 BBQs)!

I think that by finishing 18th, (Solo and without automatic programs,) I have earned the right to comment without that being seen as 'sour grapes' on my part.

We need to do similar again ....BUT!

1- the server needs an upgrade so after turning you havent already hit again before your boat turns.

2- It should be advertised IN ADVANCE as an 'extra', fun. non points race.

3- It needs to be widely noted that this is NOT the SOL norm! How many prospective members did we lose, who thought that this joke was how SOL works all the time?

...Paul, aka; "newsartist"

This is exactly what I wanted; a nice discussion about the races we sail.
I did announce that I wasn't going to start in this race, but, as always, my addiction won and I started my boat anyway :-)

Well, being an F18 sailor, I can not imagine how you guys managed to go around the rocks at 20 kts boatspeed, keep the daggerboards in one piece, do 415 miles without sleep and be able to finish with a smile.

Well done to all the finishers (I quit after 3 hours) and the course designers.

I like the suggestion to do this kind of races in several legs, somewhat more in line with reality.


Oh, btw, on my pic I'm doing 30 kts, that's just before losing control :-)

--- Last Edited by Arthur at 2013-12-09 21:47:08 ---
If you're still in control, you're not going fast enough.
Out of curiosity, I made a table of bbq's for each finisher (so far), Chaos managed to have just one..

      name      | bbqs 
 Chaos          |    1
 JakeS          |    6
 iomkiwi        |    6
 RaidTeam       |    7
 Klyvarn        |    8
 MustangMark    |    9
 Anjana         |   12
 maduro         |   12
 SWE_rossy      |   13
 Stimulans      |   14
 Hasseballad    |   14
 FortAdamsRI    |   15
 LittleSurprise |   15
 Littleskua     |   15
 jay8s          |   16
 xmariner       |   19
 rso            |   21
 Ned Leo        |   22
 TENERIFE       |   23
 RyBa           |   23
 NZL Teambp     |   24
 brandystrega   |   25
 TuuleTallaja   |   26
 Rod            |   26
 gatorsailer    |   27
 sail76         |   27
 geduio         |   28
 Draupner       |   28
 RideTheWind99  |   29
 jpsardin       |   29
 glynnwi        |   31
 seawat         |   31
 RainbowChaser  |   31
 BS1            |   33
 doramuss       |   33
 newsartist     |   33
 Musigny        |   35
 Tazumaki       |   35
 StIngFI        |   36
 Dana1          |   38
 BER Baggus     |   39
 honya          |   39
 MarekMarek     |   41
 NoName         |   42
 NZL Scotsman   |   44
 sadlersailing  |   47
 Jcongo         |   47
 Alcor          |   51
 ChrisCatta     |   53
 A2R            |   53
 solaris        |   59
 landlubber     |   70
 Smo            |   89
 azur           |  384
27 bbqs.... wow. I know some were intentional to mitigate the tacking perf loss. but still not to bad considering the length of course of tight quarters and the speed of the boats...

Nice to see this one raced.. 63 boats finished :) .. will remain in sol history. I came to the idea of this while watching IRL race ... JakeS created a route "bit" more difficult that I had in my mind but nice experiment. And experience. Did sleep normally and continue sailing when awake.. hopefully people did use google overlay to sightseen... bit busy to steer maybe?

Hope to see this race in future, be it a series of races, team race (something new for sol, interesting) or race as it was.

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