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10 June 2021

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For some months Sailonline had been working with LOOR (Lake Ontario Offshore Racing) to offer racers three virtual events, representative of the racing available on Lake Ontario. Excitement was building for the first ever race of this new partnership but, unfortunately, as with so much since January 2021, the #COVID19 pandemic had other plans. So it was that at 0100utc on the morning of Saturday 5 June (2000EST on the Lake) a virtual-only version of the classic Susan Hood Trophy Race was raced.

The race itself looked pretty straightforward – with winds appearing relatively stable - unusually so, according to locals familiar with the course and the Lake. Such stable winds, of course, made for a particularly tricky race where trade-offs between manoeuvring and performance loss really came into the mix. As local Canadian racer Scooby said “The wind was consistent, strong enough that there weren’t any of the holes so often encountered in this race - especially at Burlington where many have sat for five or six hours. The weather modelling was a great feature, really capturing the feel of being on water. Having the boat course determined by the forecast was my downfall, but that is not a SOL issue, more a napping issue from a first time SOLer!”.

Sailonline would like to thank LOOR for trusting us with this first of three races in 2021 and for this new partnership – long may this association continue. For regulars on Sailonline it was a real delight to see such a healthy participation from Canada. A total of 22 Canadian-flagged boats took part in a registered fleet of 129, flying the flags of 27 nations - from now on, sailing on Lake Ontario will be known around the world! Competition for the top spots was fierce, with 20 boats arriving within 10m of the winner.

Congratulations to everyone who took part and completed the race and especially to Sailonline’s podium representing Poland, Portugal and Peru.

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