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17 November 2020

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PARABÉNS NagaJolokia!!!

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The A3 - Agage's Around Australia Series was first designed in 2012, following the sudden death of Aaron Gage, by fellow Aussie SOLer Tyger. Our departure from Adelaide back then was set against a background of great sadness. Eight years on and SOLers continue to remember Aaron, creator of the Flash client that has served us so well, and we continue to re-run this epic series almost yearly, sharing fond memories and smiling at what a contribution Aaron made. He would be stoked!

For this last leg then, the fleet switched boats one more time, to what turned out to be a highly appropriate craft. Clipped on to our super-charged swing-keeled by-now-vintage Volvo 70s, once clear of Cape Leeuwin, we surfed downwind across the Australian Bight in near record time. With the leaders recording elapsed times of c 2 days 09:45 hours, the Gage Roads start-line to Brighton and Seacliff club-line of c 1350 miles was covered by them at an average speed of c 24.5 knots!

Amazingly enough, after all those hours, it was only seconds that separated the podium with Brazil's Naga (Torben - Snipe, Star and Southern Ocean champion - Grael) Jolokia pipping Cork's bonknhoot, who had led at the turn into the St Vincent Gulf, with Flensborg's rumskib, who had led midway across the Bight, coming in a close third. As always on SOL, an international, intercontinental podium. Three cheers, all three! Hip hip hip!!!

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SYC Ranking

  1. Sailonline Yacht Club Member bonknhoot
  2. Sailonline Yacht Club Member WRmirekd
  3. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Zorba777
  4. Sailonline Yacht Club Member calmxy
  5. Sailonline Yacht Club Member rafa
  6. Sailonline Yacht Club Member NagaJolokia
  7. Sailonline Yacht Club Member rumskib
  8. Sailonline Yacht Club Member SimeMali
  9. Sailonline Yacht Club Member Kipper1258
  10. Sailonline Yacht Club Member knockando60

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