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Hello there. Is it possible to create a Dutch chat channel? ? Thanx.

I want to support Dikkehenk on this one. Half of Belgium speaks Dutch too.
As discussed in the chat, I think a Dutch chatroom will be needed when other, non-Dutch speakers suffer from the amount of Dutch activity in the English chatroom. So as long as there is no dutch chatroom, just talk Dutch in the English chatroom, no one seems to have a problem with it. A Dutch chatroom is more of a service to non-Dutch speakers than to the Dutch.

Historically, I think a sudden increase of <insert language>-speakers have increased the chances of a <insert language>-chat.

Just in case, here's a Dutch translation for the welcome messages:

Welkom aan iedereen nieuw op Sailonline.

Als u vragen heeft, vraagt u gerust. Iedereen hier is zeer behulpzaam.
Als u niet direct een antwoord krijgt, probeert u dan de in Engelse chat, eventueel zelfs in het Nederlands.
CHAT: Sailonline is een kindvriendelijke website, dus gedraagt u zich alstublieft op een manier gepast voor alle leeftijden. U kunt uw chatrecht verliezen als u zich hier niet aan houdt.

Verbeteringen zijn welkom.
When I joined Sailonline there was only one chatroom and it was amazingly chaotic with lots of different languages being spoken!! I loved it as I felt I was sort-of acquiring language-skill without trying and it made Sailonline really feel a global place!!

It was then decided to split up the chat into different rooms and... this was done by those who ran Sailonline at that time on a language basis, choosing languages chiefly where folks aren't that fluent in English (or dislike speaking it).

The "names" of rooms can of course be changed and I've often thought it would be neat to have a split not by name of language but by name of ocean ... or famous explorer/sailor - then if people want to speak in their own language at length, then they could hang out in the room of their chosen hero!

Since 2010, I have been helping with Sailonline Admin, and during that time there have been almost tidal sweeps of different nationalities and as economy and life and the world turns, so these "tides" move on and change.

Right now, at race close, there are rooms that, race after race, see nothing but the sailonline welcome message.

That's daft and, frankly, without an Admin speaking or monitoring chat in the different language rooms, it occurs to me that anything could be said there without Sailonline Management knowledge/awareness!

I would like there to be fewer rooms with none of the language restrictions we have at present.

The English room could stay as it is OR be renamed "General" or "Lobby" or something suitably nautical and would remain, the first room people find when they click on the chat tab.

There are so many languages it is truly not possible to have a room for each ... but it is wrong that some people almost feel let-down in some way because right now they don't have a language room of their own.

Let's think outside the box!!



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One aspect that should be considered is that many, particularly English speakers, do not have other languages. I have had courses in Latin, Greek, French, German, and Russian, and also live in a bilingual country, yet have never lived in any place that required a second language.
Perhaps a computer translation facility should be considered, so that SOLer's contributions in other languages may be readily translated into the language desired by any SOLer, so that we all may be 'up-to-date' about the SOL conversations. That way, no SOLer would feel 'excluded' from the Chat Room.
If it breaks, it's not strong enough--if it doesn't, it's too heavy.
I think the Dutch speakers deserve their own chat area. They are much more active than some other ones.Like RC said, some of the different language chats are never used.
I agree with RC: It's not really possible to keep the number of chatrooms limited when we associate a chatroom with a language. There are far too much languages, and the frequency of their use changes far too much (can even be race specific).

A solution like RC suggests, renaming all/most chatrooms to break the direct association with a language works, but has some problems (I think):
- It requires more searching through chatrooms to find fellow country members or friends (esp. for newbies)
- It scatters all the activity over far too much chatrooms (simply solved by removing chatrooms).

It would be nice if the names of the chatrooms (apart from the main chatroom) could be variable, so that the ones using the chatroom can give it a name (examples: "Nederlands", "Practice race", "NO F1 results!", "BWR"), until they become inactive again.
But much like Rods suggestion (including a translation facility), this might be a tad too much work to implement.
Hi there. I appriciate all the thoughts about who thinks why yes and why no, especially those who do not speak Dutch. (?)
The question is simple, can it be done ? Me think there are enough Dutch for a simple local chat.
So..can it be done, yes or no ?
Another thing, it is not considered polite where i live to talk a different language in for example a English chatroom.

Thank you

Ps. ( hint ) This post has many edits, since i'm no native English writer.
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Another small hint, the Greek room ( apperantly the Greek speak less well English, or sail better ) is empty from the day i came here.
Might be me, but what if you just change the name to Dutch?

If all this is a budget thing, please tell me what the cost will be. Being a shareholder i will be very happy to pay that invoice, and show people some very simple Customer-service. :)

--- Last Edited by dikkehenk at 2014-12-07 21:28:28 ---
Some might say let's create an Esperanto or Interlingua room, this would solve the languages problem ;)

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