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Board » General Discussion » SYC Ranking - Different races should have different ratings

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I suggest the following modification to the ranking system:

Ocean races should have an higher weight (3), followed by Week Races (2) and then by Weekend races (1).

Series wins should also be ranked 6, 5 or 4 relating to the series being ocean, week or weekend.

Only closed races or series should be included on the ranking.

Nuno Romão
Surely a weighting based upon race length would be better.

Otherwise a 8,000nm SWR leg has the same weight as a 600nm Fastnet or Sydney-Hobart.

Likewise a 125nm weekend race vs a 35nm day race.

Then it matters not the length of the races, even allows combining of legs for overall rankings.

Sorry Nuno, but 1,2,3 points is too simple for our intelligent sailors here, excluding myself LOL!!
If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
The rating weights are merely a suggestion. What I think is that some sort of weighting should be used.
To what end?
We already have leaderboards for each series and week/weekend/ocean rankings as well as overall SYC...
So I take it you think the SYC ranking is not fair? (or could be better?)
I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__
Nothing wrong with the current ranking system in my view . Each race type has his own merit and difficulty and its own ranking. On top of that there is a general ranking composed out of al races.
If there would be something missing it could be a "newbie" ranking for people trying SOL without being a member yet.
Just an idea register first 5 races out of 10 after creating an account in a separate ranking to encourage people joining ?
I think the current ranking is as fair as it can be, as it was set up to have one ocean race going at the same time as a midweek/weekend race.But this doesn't seem to have been happening for a while.
The weekend races don't finish in the weekend. This is part of the reason I havn't rejoined and don.t race much,maybe others too.
Although it is great to have the buddy up races I don't think they have a place in SOL if they start at stupid times, like the current RNZ race which started at 01.00 midweek, hence i assume that is the reason that there were only about 80 boats to start on time, it could have easily been moved to the weekend.
We have to remember that some of us have jobs to go to, unlike the sailors racing in the real races.

--- Last Edited by victory at 2012-03-15 09:52:12 ---
I just think it could be better.

I suppose I would be worse ranked if a system like I propose would be adopted.

I'd encourage you to have a look through this thread which discusses an additional system to the ranking. We are developing this with lower ranked SOLers in mind. This rating system would allow us to compare our results against the winner and our previous results, rather than just rely on the rank.

Hi scotsman , I appreciate your efforts but its to sofisticated for me. I basicaly race the ocean races as that is what interests me and best fits my time schedule. As a result I only look at my ocean ranking. Other shorter races I only race or partly race if i have time to spare during weekends. Weekraces are 9 out of 10 times a no go for racing due to the often demanding nature of a course in combination with other time factors as work / kids etc.
The above off course will be different for every individual SOLer . But i am all for additional alternative rankings if that is what people are looking for, as long as the current ranking format runs paralel to it.
The rating system is additional to the ranking. The ranking will remain the main way of seeing who is the best SOLer.

Don't be confused by the amount of data. Once the rating is up and running there will only be up to 3 numbers to think about. Your current rating, how well you've done in the latest race, and what the new rating is.

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