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Looks like a nice course Jakob!

Where can we find check_IMSYC66_parameters.m and IMSYC_weight_and_KG.m?

SOL's honour must be defended! ;-)
You find them in Homework set 5 and 6.
...one of the guys behind the game...
Tardis is in dry dock,
pending further developments.

--- Last Edited by 8mR Who at 2011-05-10 15:05:43 ---
None so blind
I am interested in this 8-metre project, for a few different reasons.
Designing a boat is not a simple procedure, and is very time consuming. Merely changing a few of the parameters in the class rules is hardly the way to get a fast hull. The relationship of each dimension in the rules, to a "Fast" Polar diagram is not at all simple---yacht designers have been wrestling with this problem for centuries.
I have been doing essentially the same thing with regards to designing a radio-control Footy Class yacht, which is designed to a "box rule" (1ft long x 1ft deep x 6in wide), free rig, free displacement. I have been using the Vacanti CAD program, which produces both a set of plans and an extensive set of hydrostatic measurements, as well as graphs of drag curves. A designer needs to examine the effects of a wide variety of possible hull changes before even a rudimentary understanding of the characteristics which make for a fast hull can be obtained.
Only a very few SOLers may be willing to devote the needed time to this enterprise. I don't think I will be one of them, although I would certainly want to enter the race series itself
As an alternate way of developing this race, perhaps the polars for a number of existing 8M yachts could be obtained, and the SOL entrants pick which ever design suits their fancy. I am sure that no existing 8M is significantly better than any other in all winds and conditions.
I will watch the progress of this idea with great interest.
If it breaks, it's not strong enough--if it doesn't, it's too heavy.
With all due respect to my esteemed colleagues who have already posted in this thread I wish to Thank 76T for making this endeavor accessible & doable.

As one who's only experience with sailing is that of a spectator sport that goes all the way back in the 60's when the 12 Metres still held sway in Newport, R.I., I can say that this exercise has enhanced my understanding of the Class rule concept.

While finding the optimum balance of the constituent components in the 8 Metre rule may be likened to seeking the Holy Grail, it does not diminish the enjoyment of pursing it none the less. In fact in may be a strength that such a goal will remain a challenge well into the future.

In all other cases here at SOL we deal with replicated polars so I feel it would be a loss to go that route here and eschew the unique opportunity to add the boat designer to our afterguard.

Without disrupting the current scheduling priorities administered so capably by RC these sort of races could be used as gap fillers as races wind down and the next event has not yet reached its opening phase.

If the courses for theses races could be constrained to a smaller footprint then the opportunity exists perhaps to apply higher definition weather grids for upwind / downwind leg racing.

I would like to see something of this nature go forward if only as a proof of concept sea trial in order to work out whatever particulars need to be addressed.

--- Last Edited by 8mR Who at 2011-05-12 20:07:30 ---
None so blind
Now that IMSYC 2011 has concluded can we revive your (76T's) 8 Metre Rule challenge using the aforementioned polardesigner.org ?

I have improved my boat & will race against all comers even if that means it is just 76T in a match race.

Once the "Cup" has been Won it will have more value for future competitions.

I'm game - shall we decide on a format and venue?

I was thinking the other day that the best way to fit this sort of thing into SOL's calendar without disrupting the normal flow of things would be to run it as a very short-course (practice race scale - as Texel) timed race.

If we left the race open for the usual week, everyone could take a run with a few boats, and it would allow the super-keen to run a series using DC starts at agreed-upon times.

I'm partial to the round Isle of Wight course, but it doesn't fit this format. How about a 6 leg "Olympic triangle" (windward,reach,reach,windward,leeward,windward) set off the W coast of Barbados for predictible speed and direction in the trades. Mid-Sept?
Although I am not well versed in actual sailing competitions I agree that a triangle twice around would reward a well designed polar sailed to its full potential as opposed to having landforms influencing the configuration of the race.

I would like to revisit the polar designer in order to fine tune my design prior to submitting it for certification.

A mid September race target is also good.
Final parameters due by August 31st would allow for the boats to be incorporated into the database for performance evaluation.

I am encouraged to see this special event come to fruition and will abide by any suggestions you feel will make this accessible to the greatest number of skippers here at SOL.
None so blind

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