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Board » Sailonline Yacht Club » SSANZ Round North Island Race 2011 - Ranking/Series Poll

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Because of the short notice given to SOL for the start of Leg 3 of the SSANZ Round North Island Race 2011, many SOLers were unable to start on time.

We have three options available to us to "fix" this and we would appreciate your voting for your favoured choice.

1. Leave it as it is - this is a New Zealand Race, organised by SSANZ and in reality we would have had to keep an eye on new start times and just hang around.

2. Remove Leg 3 from the RNI series so that it is just a race on its own - Legs 1, 2 and 4 will then be the series.

3. Remove the series ranking from each leg of this year's RNI so that each one will just be a separate race.

Vote now!!

The circle ABOVE the question will be your answer

--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2011-03-02 10:05:36 ---

Poll: How should we rank this series

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We had some good points raised in the chat and we like to hear from you what you think.

A possible fix can lead to others feeling left out so we will have a close look at this. Suggestions that we got was change it to a timed race or leave this one out of the serries rank.

Both have its flaws and nothing has been decided on this so far.
Please let us know your thoughts.
I am a ex-admin of SOL who joins in from time to time.
I am going to make my point one more time and then shut up.

Quite a few of us rely on the Sailonline home page as the prompt to registering for races. In my opinion then there should have been a fair warning put up in the race registration that there would be an early morning start. Putting the registration up just past midnight my time and then giving some 4 hours notice was unfair to those of us enjoying some sleep with the false knowledge that there would not be a start overnight.

The SOL organisers do a great job and for this I am grateful indeed. What upsets me is that this is a series race with a series overall rating. With this in mind surely some consideration should take place of the various time zones involved so that there is a "level playing field" for all.

This series thus cannot be repaired but I would hope that in future at least 12 hours warning will be in place so that regardless of the time zone you are in, and regardless of start time, each one of us will be able to prepare properly and not be disadvantaged.

This is a great game nevertheless! Lets just make it a bit more user friendly.
Jawz - this series can be "repaired"if you look at the voting options available.

You mention having 12hrs notice. Unfortunately SOL got five hours notice and within 15 minutes of learning of the start-time all efforts were made to notify everyone.

HOWEVER.. a minimum notice period is something perhaps to be considered for the future with the consequence of SOL perhaps ending up with a race that is not run precisely against an IRL one, thereby undermining the original plan.


we could simply remove races from SYC ranking (and series ranking where relevant), if they are inextricably linked with IRL ones by virtue of SOL buddying-up with an organisation like SSANZ. That way those who feel pressured to race to maintain their SYC ranking will have that burden lifted.


we make it even more explicitly clear than we did with the RNI (not quite sure how but we can work on that) that a SOL race is buddied up and linked to the IRL one, for good or ill, and will be run in line with the organisers' intentions. If the timezone of the race in question is one that is inconvenient (or could potentially be if there is the SSANZ NOR-ed stopovers) then we accept that potential inconvenience when signing up for the race. People can always register to chat and their SYC ranking will be no worse than if they did not register at all.

Anyway... let's see what the vote shows if, that is, it is anyway representative in numbers of those participating!!

--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2011-03-02 18:38:05 ---
It was said beforehand that race times would be in accordance with actual starting times as given by ssanz. At the time of the message no one complaint. Unfortunately for a lot of sailors start of 3rd leg was on rather short notice. However to my opinion that is part of the game. If you want to copy a race as real as possible this is what you can expect.
I can understand the viewpoint of others who had a good ranking in this series,(which i haven't) which is now hampered. However remember it is still a game and there will always be new opportunity's. I think RC has tried all that was possible to inform as many people, therefore results should stay as they are.

rgds Kees(Tempest)
I thought it was clear, links to the SSANZ site which states stopover times and likely starts. Day before they started giving an estimated time for the start so plenty of warning just had to read the sailing instructions, like a real race. Yes i'm down-under but still had to find time to check and be ready to start. Same as finishing, suits one hemisphere but not both. Rules were posted well before the start and great to race in real time (as much as possible) against OC. Don't enter if your not happy with them, or is this a northern hemisphere club only. Keep up the good work RC.

--- Last Edited by NZL Otto at 2011-03-02 19:03:29 ---
All valid points but equally a SOL sailor could go aground for hours, as I have done often.

Jaws had a valid point about being asleep, but equally valid was that I was out sailing IRL (1st on line & 1st on handicap) and could not get to my PC.

One of the greatest benefits IMHO is that SOL tries to match real life races as closely as possible. I support this aim.

There are times when a SoL race is close to one's geographical position in the world and extra benefits of watching local TV weather forcasts allows a SoL racer extra information and sometimes the starts of races are on local TV (Sydney Hobart etc) and so one can see both SoL and IRL racers and conditions.

All this helps making SoL racing as realistic as possible, allows greater weather and racing tactics learning situations and then again, sometimes things just happen or go wrong.

Therefore although being some 11 hours late in starting, I voted for leaving the results as it happened.

If it breaks, it's not strong enough!
Is a REAL regatta "mirrored" in SOL.
This is how I understood is the spirit of the this series.
So you should rely more on the official site of the regatta for starting information. Thanks RainbowChaser to coping!
You cannot ask for more realism than that!
This specific one is taking place in NZL (thanks for the setup, I imagine a lot of meeting between SOLer down under and SSANZ)

I am looking in the future hoping to have more of this "parallel" race with one, or more SOLer´s boats, racing versus the virtual fleet in every part of the world so advantage and disadvanges will be distribuited.

Please take this as a stimolus to repeat this fantastic experience with yours IRL YC

--- Last Edited by Gilles at 2011-03-02 21:29:00 ---
I have to agree with what Paul and Gilles said, real race is real race, the only things what could improve reality in online racing would be wife puting a bin of saltwater in one's face once a while and slamming doors to be able to feel the puffs....

Regards, Roland
You beginner . . . you!!

wait until she adds in ice cubes . . . and packets of frozen vegetables . . .
If it breaks, it's not strong enough!

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