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How about writing code to identify basic Port v Starboard right of way. Then port leeward v port windward, etc. Say 20 minutes after the start these rules apply. If a boat hits another boat and they don't have the ROW then a performance hit equal to the 720 degree penalty turn is applied. This would add a realty dimension and improve everyone's knowledge of basic sailing right of way. Also make mark roundings much more interesting...

Poll: Should the basic rules of sailing 'right of way' be added?

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If it can be done ot is a intergal piece of sailboat racing and tactics.
If it can be done ot is a intergal piece of sailboat racing and tactics.
Your proposol would effectively remove any possibility of sailing on dc's. With 500+ boats heading for the same waypoint, a boat on dc would likely end up spinning like a disco ball on a Saturday night.

Thanks for the suggestion but in my view the resolution we run these races at there is no need for this.
We run mostly long races and the extra time needed to micro manage your boat at a rounding would not add to the game.

Posted as Jeroen, not SOL

--- Last Edited by Jeroen Tiel at 2010-03-26 14:57:25 ---
Well, it seems that this proposal is not getting much support.

I admit that I also voted against. I consider that the focus of Sailonline should firmly remain on overall routing strategy, and should not move towards boat and race micro-management.

There are other virtual sailing games for those interested in sail choice, sail trim, race rules and such. Participating in these games requires to stay almost permanently in front of the screen. As a consequence, most races are rather short (a few hours), unlike the races on Sailonline. Personally, that is not what I am looking for. I had rather do the real thing then.


Even if this sort of realism was deemed desirable I believe IMHUO (in my humble uninformed opinion) there may be practical system limitations which would be a major hindrance to its implementation.

I have noticed that it is currently difficult to precisely determine the relative placement of other boats when they are very close to my own. This is due to the way that the browser client is updated from the server. The sort of accuracy necessary under right of way conditions would require a serious increase in server CPU resources not to mention the inherent variations in ping times throughout the various SOL client locations.

--- Last Edited by Aethereal at 2010-03-25 18:09:19 ---
None so blind
Just assume that all port tack boats duck stb (we're all very sportsmanlike here at sol, no need for protests) the reason you can't see it is that the tracks are updated every 200m or so...

Although the SOL screen looks crowded, check the actual distance between boats. 10 seconds is an eternity when crossing at 6 knots...
When the time comes that we all have mastered the ever elusive Polars and get to the finish line within 5 minutes to each other after a long race we then can graduate to another level.
Until them let's stick with what we have here - it is Fantastic as is.

--- Last Edited by zero at 2010-03-26 14:01:05 ---

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