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Hi SOLs,

For choosing a mobile internet solution I need to know how much traffic I will produce.
Does anybody know how much traffic SOL occur in one hour?

Thanks - Stu
It depends alot on the map size and number of entrants I think. I have sometimes looked at usage, but not that often so dont take this too seriously, but i have noticed from 10-50Mb per hour. (download+upload)
How many currently chatting, will effect to, but only in extreme (none or 40, and how 'chatty' they are).
But alot of the data seems to be initial map and weather download, so only accessing SOL briefly to check your boat/put in some DCs, whatever, might not minimise your usage that much, unless you only doin it every few hours of course.
As example, I just opened the Sydney to Hobart, it took about 3Mb to download map, weather and tracks. (2.5Mb down/0.5Mb up) And this not a huge map?
Hope this helps...
I help develop the client interface for the best online ocean racing sim there is... __/)/)_/)__
sorry for late reply, you're right. there's a lot of Mb just for SOL usage. I am thinking about mobile client - but sounds a bit expensive :-)


Does anybody know how much traffic SOL occur in one hour?

i finished the current race SOR3 and Rabat - Alicante with mobile (EDGE, unfortunately i found no UMTS) access.
My report said that starting the game causes about 1-2 MB traffic. The race updates are small unless you don't get a weather update.

It was in those 2 races less than 10 MB per our - usually only 4-5 MB/h.

Regards Stefan
GER 2539

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