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Board » General Discussion » R.I.P. J24Opla

Yesterday we received the sad news that Claudio (aka J24Opla) sadly passed away.
Claudio was a great sailor, mostly appreciated in the lakes Maggiore and Garda and also a very active member of SOL community. Unfortunately he became very ill and COVID was not nice to him.

May he rest in peace and sail away in smooth sea.

Andrea (aka ita10267)
The fact that the vast majority of you does not remember J24Opla doing crazy things on the SOL waters ….means that we who do ….are OLD !!!! :(

Claudio was sail racing here in a way that today would leave most of you quite astonished …….Those who are led by routers would be puzzled to see one boat going totally alone zillion of miles away from the pack ….and those of you who trust the rules of match racing like I do would at times scream in horror seeing him in front and yet going “his own way”………….

It was simply his style…….and doing so he gifted us with a number of amazing memories of his unforgettable victories.
Claudio legacy in SOL will remain ….”unique” ..to say the least …..

Meeting him and his lovely family more than once IRL was also a great ……..GIFT !!

Ciao Claudio
Well , i have not word that can explain my pain when i has been noticed, Claudio an excellent
person first, and sailor IRL left all us for sail on the sky, with his sailing boat "fuori di testa" , yes like manneskin sound.
He was creative and a bit crazy but, really full of positive energy.
We loose here a champion, of lifestyle.
Bye Claudio, fair wind forever and anywhere you are.
You still in my heart !!!!
An increadible entushiastic person.
With too much energy to be kept inside.
He was sparkling all around at every moment.
May he bring good wind to all friends and family still sailing thinking at him.
AKA Gilberto

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