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40' Polars comparation tables, for 2018. Series, compared by pairs. Charts will follow soon.
Choose wisely, rely on luck!

Feb 13th: updated tables, with charts. Please note scale differences of ΔV in charts. Also, maxVMG is accurate ±1.5° due 3° grib resolution

--- Last Edited by SimeMali at 2018-02-13 06:40:58 ---
Ibis redibis numquam in mare peribis
Great job SimeMali :-):-):-)

--- Last Edited by Bimmer at 2018-01-16 19:28:09 ---
Hi Race Committee,

How can I find the map of the 12th race of the 2018 Series 40' championship.
The one named "Let's get out of this Country Leg 2".


Edited P.S.: Found it! :)

--- Last Edited by Zoe at 2018-01-21 23:13:39 ---
Viva António and all.

Well I was trying more the "Let's get this map" side but, no success.

Can you be kind enough to publish it here, pls.

My Dear Friend, thank you.

Sail Fair.
This is the NOR of the "Lets Get out of this Country Leg2" raced May 4th, 2011.
I am assuming this is the same chart that we will be racing in December. (If not, please, someone correct me.)


Viva António,

Good morning and thank you very much.

It seems it's the right course.

Big Hug.
Sail Fair.
Hope this can help. Start times are wrong, but courses should be right. Please correct if some aren't.

Jan: Sardinia Cup
Feb: New Hebrides Slalom
Mar: Florida Rum Run
Apr: Auckland to Gisbourne
May: Singapore visit
Jun: Naples triangle
Jul: Brisbane to Keppel
Aug: Hawaiian Zig-Zag
Sep:Galway to Dublin
Oct: Lord Howe
Nov: Stockholm to St Petersburg
Dec: Let’s get out of this Country Leg 2
Ibis redibis numquam in mare peribis
The race "Chart" info provided by brainaid is temporarily not available and as we don't have a specific date by which the "charts" will be available again, all new/upcoming Race Descriptions will be linking to brainaid's toolbox.

Once the "Charts" are working again, all Race Descriptions will point once more to that part of the 'Toolbox.

In the meantime, if we are racing a previously raced course, just click on the Races tab, then scroll down and Go to Archive and then using the usual Control Key + F search function (Windows) you can search for the race name and then click on the old INFO/NOR link to generate a previous chart.

Sometimes races do change their courses so be careful about relying too heavily on old information.

Usually, though, if you look at the Calendar thread and p2 of the Calendar, you will see the race number that is being re-used :-)

Hope that helps.

--- Last Edited by RainbowChaser at 2018-01-25 16:57:28 ---
would it be possible for the time being to replace the INFO link with
with the advice to search for a part of the name of race you would like the chart.

For example if you search for Tauranga
you will find the link

Even better put the this link as race info with the warning
"Sometimes races do change their courses so be careful about relying too heavily on old information."
you gave in the previous posting.

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