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Board » General Discussion » Sol'd time Boston to Plymouth

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--- Last Edited by sol at 2017-12-22 16:00:28 ---
I thought that the SSASS usage of Sol was limited to PRE-race sailing?
If it breaks, it's not strong enough--if it doesn't, it's too heavy.

--- Last Edited by sol at 2017-12-22 16:01:05 ---
Hi Lacsareno,

I hope you understand that this is not the intended use of sol. I'm glad you, and others, enjoy it, and I hope we can allow you all to continue sailing sol in races, BUT sol should not occur in rankings: it's disqualified by default because of boatsitting rules etc.

So why is sol in the rankings? The original registry of sol is always disqualified/does not appear in the rankings, but when re-registering sol, the server forgot about disqualifying sol. This will probably be changed in the future.

For now, I have removed sol from the rankings, so that it does not influence the results anymore. I hope you understand.


--- Last Edited by sol at 2017-12-22 16:01:35 ---
As long as sol or guest are ready to sail, you are free to sail them.

That sol and guest are not intended to race can be concluded from, as you say, the text on the homepage: guest login credentials are shared with the intent "to view currently running races". Where even the sol credentials are shared (multiple places), its intended use is usually described too, previewing races, possibly trying out sol in pre-race sailing. Also, the main sol client disables sending commands to guest, or to sol during racing. It also doesn't show the position of guest, or the position of sol during racing.

Sorry for making the reason why sol is excluded from ranking unclear. Firstly, it is not intended they race, but let's say they are raced, I could interpret the rules as follows:
Neither sol nor guest are your account or a teamboat, you are boatsitting by default (even if you are the only one sailing the boat).

There may (probably are) other reasons to leave sol out of the ranking as well, which is why I put down "etc.". One could be for example: the owner of the accounts (sailonline) retires their boat from the race by default.

SOL makes guest available to view running races, and SOL makes sol available to preview new races and to try out sailing before the race starts. Although more may be possible with sol and guest, you cannot expect it all to be possible.

In principle every one sailing on sailonline has his own boat. If another way is sailing on sailonline is more fun to you, you are very welcome to share you view on things.

EDIT: if you don't think my action of removing sol/guest from the rankings, or removing sol/guest from rankings by default is justified, feel free to say so. I don't have a final word in this.

--- Last Edited by kroppyer at 2016-11-25 20:36:48 ---

--- Last Edited by sol at 2017-12-22 16:02:07 ---

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--- Last Edited by guest at 2017-12-23 12:59:55 ---

--- Last Edited by sol at 2017-12-22 16:04:25 ---

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