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Board » Technical Support » qTVlm wish list #3.

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After the new qT 5.3.7 version my wish list (now, the #3) didn’t change at all.

What I would like to have:

1 - Possibility to pause and resume the “routing” routine calculation.

2 - Elimination of the annoying extra imposed tack/gybe waypoints on the “routing” calculation before boat effectively changes direction.

3 - Resulting from waypoints over decimation, during the “Simplifying” process the calculated ETA normally is bigger than the initial calculated one. In that situation the ”Simplifying” process should be immediately automatically stopped.

4 - To avoid/reduce, namely, the jigsaw calculated “routes”, possibility to define and impose a minimum time delay between consecutive boat maneuvers, with a time parameter for tacks and another one for gybes.

5 - Possibility to superimpose the initial calculated Isochrones and the final calculated ”route” (after applying the Simplifying and Optimizing processes).

6 - Possibility to make a free hand selection of the calculated waypoints (now, only available the rectangular shape selection area).

7 - Boat “Polar analysis” was better in the previous versions where you could see all the Polar curves using with the “Display all” option. That option disappeared (?!).

8 - VMGUp and VMGDown points shown in the Polar Curves.
Sail Fair.
Quick answer:

This minor release was mainly meant to fix a small issue with VLM mode.

I don't quite understand your point 2) . Is it related to 4) ?

Concerning point 4): This aspect has been greatly improved already in 5.3.6. Did you check it? There is a chapter on that in the documentation.

Point 3) The simplifying process may increase a little ETA if you choose "Maximum simplification". Choose "Optimum simplification" if you don't want this to occur.

Point 7) Yes it has been removed, on purpose because unreadable most of the time.

Point 8) Values are shown on the right panel. Do you mean to show them also graphically?


--- Dernière modification par maitai le 2016-07-01 16:48:07 ---
Viva Philippe.

Thank you for your reply.

2) and 4) are different problems.

2) qt always tries to add an extra tack or gybe right before effectively change the boat route direction. This is irritant because you have to spend more time hand trimming that extra generated waypoint. This problem is particularly agravated when the routed path goes downwind.

But more. With the last release I started to get with res wind Gribs "breaks" in long curved routed paths after making the Simplifying process. Instead of having a continuous curve, qT tries to break allong the curve with a manouveur in direction to the curve center. I give you a clue: smooth curves, is the drill.

4) Especially downwind, comes the second described problem, the jigsaw path, when qT generates (as an example) #10 gybes in 10 minutes, i.e., going for a boat manouveur in every minimum Time Step (1 minute) that qT allows. If you are using the mentioned minimum TS the number of extra tack waypoints to be trimmed after is huge. With the Loss of Performance you get in every manouveur you make, it's not logical that qT finds out that the quickest path is the one using a larger quantity of directions changes (tacks).
On one side of the "equation" we need to have hi res wind Grib files and a shorter TS. On the other, qT over stretches the results generating more than abundant waypoints. Hence my suggestion to apply different limitating parameters in 4).

3) My dear Philippe, I never use the "Maximum" option. Never. Even so... ETA goes up which is a nuisance.

7) Well, with the actual by default Polar window size that unreadable problem shouldn't occur, no? Pls have a try on that.

8) Yes, correct. Also graphically.

Thank you Philippe.
Sail Fair.
For the 4):

Even if you don't specify an actual polar penalty for tack and gybes, you can specify a number of cranks duration for tacking. For instance if you put 10 there, and your crank is 1mn, qtVlm wont be able to tack or gybes for 10 minutes after a tack or a gybe.

--- Dernière modification par maitai le 2016-07-02 08:53:58 ---
Ok, I'm going to try it with 5 cranks/minutes for a FIRST 47.7.
Anyhow, the qT limitation is equal for tacks and gybes, when it should be different.
Sail Fair.
Sorry Philippe but... no go. The problema remains, qT tries to put allways that anoying extra waypoint for a gybe.

Something here tell's me that the minimum TS/crank is (?) in conflict with the time for delay on boat maneuvers.
Sail Fair.
Probably I don't understand what is your extra waypoint for a gybe. Can you join a screenshot?
Viva Philippe.

Pls see attached PDF file.

Thank you.
Sail Fair.
Hmm that is gonna take a bit of time, and I am leaving for vacation in a couple of days for almost 3 weeks ;)

Can you send me via email an export of your configuration including polar please?

Viva Philippe.

I can send you everything you need..mais, quelle est ton email, Philippe?

(mon email: pertisjm@net.sapo.pt )
Sail Fair.

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